An Open Letter to Palin and O’Donnell

Dear Ladies,
I hope this election day is finding you well. I am sure both of you woke up this morning eager to get out there and vote! Hell, maybe you even went and got a new outfit and got your hair did. And to this I say, you go girl. We ladies should always “rock the vote” since it took us so many years and struggle to be able to do so. Equal rights is still a struggle as you both know. Sexism is around every corner and it has seeped in to politics as well. Just the other day I heard a female “Politician” say to a male politician, “Mike, this is not a bake-off, get your man-pants on.” I mean c’mon! How are we supposed to ask for equal treatment when we have our women politicians throwing lobs about gender. I know we wouldn’t sit still for a man asking if our panties were in a bunch, or asking if it was that time of the month.  The more you make politics about gender – the more politics will be about gender. We didn’t come this far to go back 100 years, did we? Comments like that make women look and feel ignorant, intolerant and stupid. But you ladies know better. You understand that women are important to the system and would never jeopardize our rights. 

I know you are both church going Christian women. I think everyone knows that. And that’s great. I’m not anymore, but I am happy that you have found something that works for you. But I have to say, I am a little confused as to why you both talk about “God” and “Morals” so much. I know that you, Ms. O’Donnell claim to be an expert on the Constitution. So, you should know that the first amendment protects my right to choose and practice or NOT practice any religion I see fit. So, it is a little off putting to me that you women keep plugging christian morals. I am not one anymore, so you are losing me there. And you say some pretty crazy stuff. Christine didn’t you say – “We took the Bible and prayer out of public schools, and now we’re having weekly shootings practically…”. That’s not only crazy and a little lazy on your part, but it isn’t close to being true. School prayer was not ALWAYS in school. And it has been in dispute since the 1800’s. The Pledge of Allegiance was brought into the schools around that time, and it had no connection to God. In fact, the phrase “under God” was ADDED to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 when President Eisenhower was being urged to do so by the Christian groups and the Knights of Columbus. But, you probably knew that already, being as scholarly as you are. 

I’m not going to ask you about your stance on Gay Rights or Abortion because I feel like I would be talking to a brick wall. You both seem hell bent on changing people and making them think like you rather than letting people have their own opinions. And that sucks. And I am offended at it. Ms. Palin, you especially are not inclusive. Your “Mama Grizzly” diatribe is so … embarrassing. First of all, you are pandering. That makes me a little annoyed. Next, you are talking to women, and you assume that all women are moms and conservatives. WRONG. Last time I checked I was a woman, but I don’t have kids – still a woman. And I’m sorry but mom’s don’t “kinda just know when something’s wrong”. I’m sure some do, but man have I seen some clueless mothers in my day. Maybe you can make a platform for the Mama Ostrich’s – mom’s who put their heads in the sand and refuse to see that THEY are making bad choices and that maybe their kid isn’t perfect. Just saying. 

In closing, I’d like to remind you ladies that you are not really helping anyone. Your gender bias way of practicing politics makes women look whiny and dumb. Thanks for that. Your views on religion and abortion are based on things you made up rather than facts. You both have misinformed a huge portion of the public that is too lazy to do any more fact checking than your interview prep people. In this day and age of lemming like laziness, it is in VERY bad form for the both of you to just say what you want in public without checking if it is even true first. People believe what they hear these days, but I guess you are counting on that, aren’t you?
I hope this letter made you ladies think about the big picture a little bit. And, I thought you both should know how creepy it is that you both look and dress so much alike. Stepford? Hmmmm…. maybe I’m on to something. I’ll just start saying it and it will become fact.

Disenchanted Voter – Alicia


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Palin and O’Donnell

  1. First, i doubt your etter was read by either woman.
    Second, as an Alaskan Woman Sarah is first and Alaskan and I agree that her idiology is wasted on most others.
    Third, you discount all other women that are not single and childless as being ignorant and prudes. Again, until your are a mom, you have no room to judge us moms.
    Fourth, Being a Christian does not mean that we perfect. And for the record just because someone says they are Christian doesnt mean they practice it. Just like if you said vroom vroom, I am a car, it doesnt make you such.
    Fifth. Love you Blog, although you are a loose cannon. Go girl.

  2. Of course they didn’t read it, and if they did – I have a feeling that satire is wasted on them.

    So. Now I have to be Alaskan to understand Sara Palin? Wow. I guess I’ll never understand men. Or people from the Czech Republic – since I am not one. That’s crazy. Her “facts” are just plain incorrect most of the time. I don’t have to be from Alaska to see that. And I am not the one discounting “all other women” – she is. If I did happen to have kids I would NOT want to be compared to a Mama Grizzly.
    I am not “judging “us moms”. I mean it does take so very much to become one, what with all the classes you have to take, mental stability tests and that liscence you have to obtain. Oh, wait…. and that is my point. Not ALL moms get this great knowing of all life when they become a mother. But I guess you wouldn’t know that until you are in your mid thirties, teach children and notice all the horrid mistakes that parents make.
    And boy do I know being Christian doesn’t make you perfect. I was raised Christian and I left the church. “Practicing” christianity means something different to everyone – and thats fine. Just let other people practice being an Atheist, or a Jew, or Muslim. It should NEVER be a part of your POLITICAL stance. There is a HUGE difference.
    And, I don’t see myself as a loose cannon. I am opinionated and I have the guts and facts to back up what I say. I am not trying to get anyone to agree with me, or change anyones mind. Saying I am a loose cannon means I am unpredictable, and liable to cause damage to others if not kept in line. Kinda got to disagree with you on that. From reading my blog, I think you get my POV. And I am harmless as a kitten. Much, MUCH safer than a Grizzly.

  3. Part of me wishes both women did read your letter, but you’re right, it would just be wasted on them anyway.

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I gotta say I’m addicted lol
    I check it at least once a day to see if you posted anything new, and when you do I get all excited as if I’m about to watch a new episode of my favorite show or something haha

    I wish there were more people who think like you here in the U.S.
    Open minds and maturity seem to be at a premium here =/ For every insightful and progressive person, there always seems to be at least 10 more degenerates who think they have some god-given superiority over others, whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or pretty much whatever! I can see why you left…

    Anyway, sorry to write a book, just wanted to say I love your blog and reading about what you have to say! I wish I could have known you in real life, you seem like the kind of person I could come to for great and honest advice.

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