Why I Am Over Michael Cera

I just recently watched the new Michael Cera film “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”. I’m not going to give a review of the film because it is just kind of pointless to do so. If you have seen any film staring Michael Cera, then you know what this film is like. Just add a bunch of kinetic visual effects that were absent from both “Juno” and “Super Bad” and there you have it. Sure, it was cute and quirky, but it has definitely been done before. And been done before by Micheal Cera.

Am I alone in being completely tired of his shtick? Take one endearing nerdy guy and give him super hip Indie fashion sense and music taste. Make both of those things integral to the plot, or just make THAT the plot. Enter cute, quirky, hipster girl. Make her Ellen page or just look like Ellen Page since Ellen Page is now so pretentious that she can’t be in the room with herself. They have a mutual love for music  – music that they think no one else could possibly understand. They have a few awkward dates and wear skinny jeans and say curse words awkwardly. (Being awkward is to Michael Cera what being sexy was to Patrick Swayze. Pay Dirt.) After a courtship that involves a whole lot of Indie Music and a misunderstanding (and maybe some awkward sex that we wish we didn’t have to look at because his body is that of a twelve year old boy) they get together and decide to  – chill. Because cool, skinny jeans wearing couples don’t date. they just “are”.

And I am tired of seeing him in THAT movie. I would like to see him gain a little muscle and grow some backbone. Maybe play the “dick” in a movie. I don’t know maybe even play a grown up? I know his character in the Scott Pilgrim movie was 22, but he dated a High Schooler and acted like one. Sure, it was a “coming of age” film of sorts, but man. He needs to come of age a lot quicker than that. So please Michael Cera, PLEASE stop being an annoying presence on film. Please break out of your cool, Indie/hipster/dork mold. Because honestly, there are enough of “you” walking the streets already. We don’t need to encourage any more.


2 thoughts on “Why I Am Over Michael Cera

  1. whooaaaaaaaaaaaaa whoaaa whoa.

    please just stop.
    Have you read the books? no? oh…ok……well then please just leave the criticism about michael. go ahead. but do not even go there against scott pilgrim…..not even.
    1. ramona doesnt even like scotts taste in music or his band.
    2. ramona has not ONCE EVER worn skinny jeans….EVER
    3. they never had sex……she changed her mind.

    and since when did having muscle make you a grown up man?
    the body of a twelve year old really?
    if this is supposed to be a critique of his acting or the movie its not a very good one.

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