Please Don’t Touch My Junk

Picture this, if you will. I am walking down the street minding my own business when a person asks me if they can look under my clothing. When asked “why?”,  the person responds by saying, “It is a matter of national security. We need to see under your clothes using the latest in X-ray technology to make sure America is safe and that you are not a terrorist.”

“Hmmm,” I say. “This doesn’t really make sense to me. And I’d rather you not use X-ray technology on me. I find that a little more than invasive”

“Well, in that case you must submit to a physical grope that we will call a search to make sure that Victoria’s is the only secret you are carrying in there.”

To most American’s this scenario sounds ridiculous and not plausible. But, as most of you know by now, TSA has implemented just such measures at airports. US airports are now using full body scanners in place of the metal detectors when you travel. If you refuse to be scanned you will be searched by hand. This search will include (to put it in pre-teen terms) where your bathing suit covers. And this search is for everyone. Men and women. Elderly and child. The will touch you. In Salt Lake City a young boy was taken aside and searched. His father stood by while some guy filmed the whole thing on his camera saying, “That’s a kid, right?!”

Two thirds of Americans actually support the scanners saying that the fight against”terrorism” is more important than personal privacy. I find this alarming. Our growing fear of things the media is telling us to be scared of is hindering our judgement. We should be outraged at the subtle ways the government is tapping out our personal freedoms and out right to privacy. Instead we are docile and complacent. We seem to not care about our own personal liberties as long as it’s not invasive – as long as we don’t really notice. “Scanners don’t make me uncomfortable, so the invasion of privacy is not there. Being groped by a stranger at an airport makes me uncomfortable, so I feel invaded.” You should feel invaded in the first place. Only Superman has the right to use X-ray vision and he doesn’t use it all willy nilly. Superman uses his X-ray vision when he ACTUALLY sees a threat. The government doesn’t have the right to look under your clothes with no suspicion other than travel plans.


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