Christmas Schmismas

Twas the week before Christmas and all through The Prague, all the expats were leaving or wasted on Grog. No stockings were hung by chimneys with care, since no one has chimneys and Jezisek … uses the window.

That’s all I got. I tell ya, I can’t seem to get into Christmas this year. I tried watching some Holiday movies but it didn’t really work. I tried singing Christmas carols and decking some halls, but still nothing. I guess without all the pressure to buy Christmas gifts and constant commercials telling you that you need to buy things to make your loved ones feel loved, Christmas is just another day. I am making a few Christmas gifts this year for some of my close friends here in Prague, but other than that I will not be buying gifts. I have not really gone Christmas shopping for over five years. A fact that I am somewhat proud of.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Christmas, it’s just not really my thing. I like all the cookies and I love the way Prague looks all covered in snow. The giant tress in the town squares are nifty and the hot wine kicks ass. I love the yearly bludgeoning of the Carp and I love having some time off work, but the day doesn’t do much for me. I’ll take Halloween over Christmas any day. You are encouraged to go door to door demanding free candy, you get to put on a costume and you probably get drunk. Doing these things at Christmas time are kind of frowned upon unless you happen to be Santa Clause or “Crazy Uncle Joe”.

So, I hope you all have a happy holiday and enjoy spending all your hard earned money on gifts that you feel you need to give because Jesus was born. I don’t really understand that, but I won’t delve right now. I’ll just say this: If you want someone in your life to know how much you care, try giving them a gift in July. They probably won’t expect it and they will probably think you are better than any Santa Clause.

… and I wandered Prague’s streets on this cold Christmas Night thinking, Merry Christmas dear friends… shit! Trams have stopped for the night.”

God Bless us, every one.


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