Obsessions are tricky little things. They tend to make life a little more enjoyable, but at the same time they tend to make you crazy if taken too far. For example, an obsession with a person is kind of creepy. I always feel bad for celebrities who have fallen prey to obsessive fans. It can’t be fun knowing some crazy person “loves” you. But, obsession taken light heartedly can be alright. It can help you get your mind off of that bad break up, or the over due rent. A healthy obsession can be the right little distraction for life’s little problems.

I have had a few obsessions in my life and only two (okay, maybe three) of them were breaching on unhealthy. The first was Bruce Willis. I swear my mom must have thought about locking me up in a padded room when I was a teenager. And heck, I probably wouldn’t have minded if they let me take my pictures of Bruce Willis with me and place them on said padded walls. And when I say pictures I mean upwards of 350. Told ya.

The second obsession would be bacon. I love bacon. I told a friend the other night that someone should market a cologne that smells like bacon. Fuck pheromones, I would follow a man who smelled like bacon. I also find it ironic that there is a cologne called “Obsession” and it does not smell like bacon. I have been known to order food in restaurants that I don’t particularly enjoy because something in the dish came with bacon. Lucky for me I live in a country that loves meat and is not afraid of the bacon. Bacon comes on a lot of stuff here, and that makes me happy.

I thought it would be nice for my 200th blog post to be about something happy and good. I wanted to write a little about what makes me tick, smile and drool. I wanted to write about one of the great joys in life and the number one reason that I am not, nor ever will be a vegetarian. B A C O N. I love you bacon, and I will be obsessed with you until the last pig.


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