Thank God That’s Over

2010 sucked. I will not be sad to see this year fade into memory. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I had me some bad luck in the past year. I won’t go into detail but I was beat up, beat down, broke up with, laughed at, visa denied, fucked with, lied to, depressed, dead cat… the list goes on and on. Like I said I won’t be sad to wave goodbye to 2010. It was basically my own personal BP oil spill. This is not to say there were not some positive things in the past year, but those positive things were the direct result of my perseverance and will. I discovered that I can play the Ukulele. I developed some friendships that will endure for sometime. I lost about 20 pounds. So… there is always a little light.

Which brings us to 2011. I am not one for making resolutions. When I do they tend to be things like “Sparkle More” and I am always successful. It’s hard not to be successful when your resolution is completely abstract. But without resolving to do so, I think 2011 is going to be a good year. It is going to be full of change and frustration like every year is, but I think it will be easier. After having such a hard time I am kind of immune to the Universe fucking with me. I have somehow managed to come out of it not only alive, but better for it. 2011 is a chance for me to leave all the shit behind and just move forward. I have a pretty great life here in Prague and the focus this year will be living it – in the NOW, not in the past. I have some goals for the up coming year, but mostly I just want to be happy. I survived a lot, the very least I can do is reward myself with kindness.

2011 will be dedicated to me and the things I am passionate about. That means singing and ukulele playing in public. And public is going to be more than just being bad ass at karaoke. I will go to some open mic nights and get a show someplace. I am very confident in my singing ability, so I just gotta get a little better with the ukulele. Then there is my other passion – writing. I will continue with this here blog, but I want to get back to fiction as well. It has been a while and I am a little rusty. But, that is what practice is for. And that’s it really. I want to spend time becoming an even better version of me. I mean I am already wicked cool, super cute and funny – but why stop there?

2011? Bring it. I will make you my bitch… in a friendly non threatening way.


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