Bratislava: Part One

I awoke with a start about two hours in on my bus ride to Bratislava. I had packed light, bringing only what was needed: the Visa papers (of which there are tons), passport, wallet, change of clothes, computer, phone, book and snacks. What I didn’t bring was money or the PIN number for the debit card I haven’t used in forever. So, like I said, I awoke with a start when I remembered that the pin number is on a little piece of paper back in my purse, sitting on the floor in Prague. Shit. I promptly called a friend who said they would go look for the pin number and get back to me. I had about 1000kc in my wallet, not nearly enough to cover my visa costs, taxi to the hotel and food. This country looks like Prague, sounds like Prague, but is not Prague. They use the Euro here.

I changed my money and got to my hotel which is more accurately described as a Botel. It’s a big old boat that has been made into a hotel. Think of the love boat minus the sailing to exotic destinations. Actually, minus the sailing altogether. And minus the crew of happy people in matching jackets making sure you know that there is Bingo on the Lido Deck. Although to be fair, I was told that there would be breakfast downstairs in the morning and given a card that would get me 10% off. I settled into my stateroom and decided to go for a brisk walk along the Danube and in to the city center.

I walked across the street and found the Czech Embassy only about two minutes from the Botel. This information will come in useful tomorrow. I kept walking a pretty good clip since it was freezing cold out. I took some pictures of statues and castles and tried not to eat anything because I need to save my money. I would describe what I saw and did but it was so similar to Prague that it seems a waste of time and energy. I did meet some goofy girls in the McDonald’s who seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in telling people that the pay toilet was Free. No judgement here, what ever works for you.

Although I had a slight snag in my plans, I am not feeling broken yet. The holidays were fantastic and I have to say I am pretty happy. My legal status has me stressed out, but one thing I have learned is not to sweat it. It will either work out or it won’t. Worrying about it won’t change the outcome. I have come a long way in the years since I left L.A. That old me would have been flipping out right about now. Actually, she wouldn’t have boarded that bus alone in the first place. I often wonder how I ever made it to Prague at all. I used to be such a scared little kitten. But all that has changed. I like traveling alone now. After taking a twelve hour bus ride to Mexico in the middle of the night, you get the feeling that the rest is easy. Anyway, I am here and somewhere along the way kitty got claws.


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