The US National Debt has more numbers in it than a dyslexic like me can possibly hope to copy correctly. But let’s just say it is big. Huge even.  Check it out here http://www.usdebtclock.org/ See? Pretty big. It seems the the US treats debt the way that I treat the flu – don’t think about it and it will just go away. But the National Debt needs to bite the bullet and go see the freaking doctor already.

I was slightly more than pissed off yesterday when I read about what we are doing to take care of our little over spending problem. America is taking the “I’ll just skip that morning latte and see how much money I’ll save!” approach. And it is a stupid approach. We are targeting small programs (such as NPR) and cutting them one by one. There are no plans to cut military spending. The plan targets the little things like education, housing, transportation and even homeland security.

I think we need a team of Moms to get in there and balance the budget. Seriously. They can carpool over to Washington in their SUV’s, throw a few hours at an excel spread sheet and hack it out. Who better to make a budget that we can all live with? When a mom makes a household budget she doesn’t look at the little things here and there, she looks at the big picture. We need someone to come in and tell America that it isn’t really using that expensive gym membership which costs an arm and a leg every month – so it goes. We need a mom to decide that maybe America can live with just ONE huge, gas guzzling car and that a second is unnecessary – that money can be used elsewhere. And you could use the exercise. Moms will cut the spending where it will count, and who will argue? Nobody argues with mom once she has laid down the law.

The fact that America thinks it can revert it’s budget back to 2006 levels by cutting the already limited arts programs is just plain silly. Mom would not approve. Mom would like her kids to be well rounded, and that can’t happen when the arts get taken away in favor of guns. So, America – let’s just fill those mini-vans with some smart moms and get that budget balanced the right way. Sure, we won’t have premium cable anymore, but you never really needed that in the first place.


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