My name isn’t Sweetheart – HOLLABACK!

Very few men know what it is like to worry about going someplace alone. Men don’t have to think of what they are wearing, what time it is, or what neighborhood they are going to. Men probably don’t worry about what time they leave and they probably don’t have a “plan” for getting home after a night out with friends. Most men probably don’t think about where they are sitting in a bar and whether or not it leaves them “open” for conversations – both welcome and unwelcome.

But women do. Women worry about all of these things every time we leave the house. And it sucks. It sucks because it isn’t fair. I hate that some guys assume that just because I am sitting alone it means i want to talk to them. (Nope.) I hate that I sometimes am forced to take a taxi home late at night while my male friends walk home for free. I hate that when walking down the street I get told things like “You are hot, bitch” or “Would you like to have sex with me?” Because all women are just WAITING for that special stranger to rudely approach them and ask for sex.

I am not alone in this feeling. Recently a new movement has sprung up called “HollaBack! Czech” and it is helping women empower themselves against assholes of all kinds and caliber. This could mean verbal harassment or actual assault, both of which have happened to me. The site encourages women to tell their stories and identify where it happened and who the creep was that did the damage. The thought being that if enough of us stand tall and say, “Hey fella! Fuck you!” then maybe, just maybe we can get some of this to stop.

I have already submitted one story to the HollaBack! Czech site, and I plan on writing for them as much as they’ll have me. This is something that is very important to me. I am tired of having to explain that a woman alone is not an invitation, she is simply alone. A woman walking down the street is not “asking” for your gross attention, she is simply walking down the street.

Just like you were not “asking” for me to kick you in the nuts when you grabbed my ass.

It goes both ways, sweetheart.


One thought on “My name isn’t Sweetheart – HOLLABACK!

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