Bar Etiquette

Alcohol is a way of life here in the Czech Republic. I don’t mean to say that Prague is like one big, never-ending Frat party, (even if for some that is not far off) but Czechs take alcohol seriously and don’t find anything wrong with drinking. Most Czechs try alcohol well before they hit their teens. The legal drinking age here is 18, while the age of consent is 15. Don’t get me started.

Now, take some American kids who have not been allowed to drink legally before and ship them off to a foreign country where the beer is cheap and they can legally consume whatever and however much they want. You now have a recipe for why Europeans hate Americans. No etiquette. Americans are loud, bossy and seem to have no idea that there are other people in the world. Not all Americans, but enough for me to group them together.

Going to a bar should be a fun thing to do – not a time where you feel like you have to keep your defenses up. But, alas it is not always the case. Many times here (and in the states) I have encountered bad etiquette in bars. Some if it gets to the point of harassment. I have been yelled at and called a bitch, followed home, grabbed, pushed and man handled. And not all of the above offenses have been perpetrated by men. Women are just as big of assholes as men are. So, without further ado, here is a simple list of “rules” to follow in a bar to make sure that you and your friends are not the douche bags everyone is talking about the next day.

  1. Don’t buy or accept drinks from strangers. Sure it seems fun to get a free drink, or feel like “the man” when you buy a pink beverage for a woman, but think about it. The woman in question might feel uncomfortable about it and feel like she “owes” the guy something. And the guy kind of comes off like he is trying to hard. So ladies, buy your own drinks and if you like him, talk to him anyway. And you don’t want to be “that girl” at the bar who just gets wasted off free drinks.  (And if you DO accept a drink, don’t be an asshole and choose something expensive.)
  2. Leave her alone the FIRST time she says no. That’s right guys, the FIRST time. She’s probably not being coy or flirtatious, she probably really wants you to go away. So go away. If she wants to talk to you, she’ll come talk to you. But don’t be the bar pest who thinks he will break through to her. We have a name for that guy  – asshole.
  3. Don’t get wasted and pathetic. Ladies, this one is mostly for us. Being turned down or rejected totally sucks and feels like poo, but it is no reason to drown your sorrows in cosmopolitan’s and confront the poor guy who wasn’t interested in your drunk ass. If you are wasted, grinding up on a guy, and yelling “I am SO wasted!” and he STILL isn’t interested – maybe it’s you, not him.
  4. Don’t abandon your girlfriend – unless she wants you to. You guys got all dolled up together, planned cute outfits and bought each other rounds of drinks. Don’t wander off without telling her, and don’t leave her with that dude she just met. I have been abandoned by my lady friends when I needed them most and had to fend off some tremendous jerks all alone. Stick together. If she likes the guy and he doesn’t seem like a serial killer, then fine. But be a pal and make sure.
  5. Don’t be THAT GUY. You know “that guy”. He comes into the bar with a pack of friends who all seem to have popped collars and khaki pants on. They are already wasted. They yell a lot. They have a mission. “That guy” is their leader and he sucks. He picks fights with other dudes and calls women names when the refuse his advances. If you see “that guy” leave the bar and go some place else.

See? I told you it was pretty simple. Just use common sense and try to respect other people. We all like to get fucked up and have fun every once in a while, but just don’t include anybody in your fun if they don’t want to be included. Capiche?


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