30 Days of Song… all at once

There is a thing going around the Facebook right now called, “30 Day Song Challenge”. You are supposed to choose a song that fits a certain category for 30 days. It reminds me of those old MySpace quizzes that I publicly mocked yet secretly enjoyed doing. But, I have been looking at this “challenge” and noticed a couple of things. First, it’s not much of a “challenge”, and second some of the categories suck. SO – I am going to change it up a little.

The following will be my own “30 Day Song Challenge” – except I am going to post the all at once and I am going to change the lame categories (“Song that makes you feel guilty” What?!) to cooler, more Alicia-centric categories. I like all sorts of music so hopefully this list will be both fun and informative for you. Or just something to peruse at the office til you get done with work. Oh, and there won’t be 30.

  1. Your Favorite Song – Yeah… I can’t really choose ONE favorite song. I think for most people as they grow and change, so does their favorite music. So, I’ll give you two.. or three.  Also “What’ll I do” by Judy Garland
  2. Your LEAST Favorite Song – Pretty much anything by Morrissey, but if I have to choose from his horribly whiney collection it’s gonna have to be this gem – “A light That Never Goes Out”. And all you get is the link cause they suck.
  3. Song that makes you happy – Again, here there are just too many to choose from. SO many songs make me really happy! I am choosing “This Time Tomorrow” by the Kinks because it is just awesome and really does make me happy. 
  4. Song that makes you sad – Best Sad Song – I don’t “get sad” listening to music. But I can feel the pain when I hear this song. 
  5. Song that reminds you of someone – Ambiguous much? TONS of songs remind me of different people. So you get this, from one of my favorite bands. And no, you don’t get to know who. 
  6. Song that reminds you of somewhere – This song will always say “Prague” to me. “LOVE TODAY” – Mika
  7. Song that reminds you of a certain event – Lame. How about a song that makes you wanna DANCE! – And this one is a no brainer. “SINGLE LADIES” – Beyonce
  8. Song no one would expect you to love – Since I HATE Depeche Mode, most people find it odd that I adore this song. It’s just beautiful. 
  9. Song that describes you –  OR “Stephanie Says” by VU
  10. Song from your favorite BAND – Another hard call, but I am gonna have to go with the Rolling Stones. And my favorite song of theirs. RAUNCHY BABY! 
  11. Sexiest Song – “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince or “I Want You” by Elvis Costello. This song is what longing, sex and fierce desire feels like. I LOVE how it builds and builds… just awesome.
  12. Song that makes you laugh – Aside from Morrissey? um… 
  13. Song about where you are from – So very many to choose from, but I am going with this one  OR “Walking in LA” – Missing Persons
  14. Song from your childhood – This is not only a good show, but a bad ass song! 
  15. A song that inspires you – 

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