Spring Cleaning

I read that the term “Spring Cleaning” came from a term that literally means “Shaking the House”. I like that idea. Shake the house till the dust falls from the rafters, shake the drapes, open up those windows and cleanse your space. I have done that to the Hobbit Hole, but I think Spring invites a good opportunity to “Shake the House” personally as well. Take stock, dust off the old cranium, and a little out with the old and in with the new.

I am a good person. I am honest to a fault and I am a steadfast and loyal friend. I love fiercely and with a great amount of passion. I am able to see the big picture and I am able to listen and lend a sympathetic ear. I am independent and I don’t need a boyfriend or a group of friends to cling to or tell me what to think. I have my own ideas, my own style and my own voice. I am a trusting and giving person until I am shown that it is no longer deserved. I am not quick to anger, I abhor being lied to and will not let someone get away with mistreatment of me or people I love. I am insensitive at times. I am opinionated and brash. I can dish it out as good as I can take it. I don’t trust easily.

So… what stays and what goes? What parts of myself just need to be dusted off and which parts are headed for the trash?

Fear. Fear needs to be thrown out with those old Diet Coke bottles that have been building up on my kitchen counter. Fear is the mind killer. It’s funny to me that I have been called “fearless” on more than one occasion, because I don’t see myself that way at all. But that ends now. I will not be afraid to be awesome. I will not be afraid to speak up for myself. I will not be afraid of losing a friend. I will not be afraid of telling the truth – even when it is hard to do. I will not be afraid to perform! I will not be afraid to be beautiful.

Shake the house. Take out the trash. And for goodness sake open those windows and let the sunshine in!


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