Life in the Key of Franco

Everywhere I turn people are talking about James Franco. My best gal pal here in Prague dreams about him. Bar conversations ebb and flow around his various ventures. I even found myself regaling friends at a bar with a story about him and some kittens. (To my defense: 1 hot guy + 2 sleeping kittens = swooning women.)

I liked the guy when he was on Freaks and Geeks. I liked that show. And he was the broody hot dude who liked to play D&D when no one was looking. I’m not going to say that I related to that, but I’m not gonna say I didn’t either. He was a fairly talented, really good-looking actor from California. Where I come from you couldn’t throw a stick without hitting one of those. I never really thought much of him after Freaks and Geeks. And When Spiderman came out I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s that dude who played James Dean in that miniseries. He’s hot.” And that was that.

Jump to 2011. The man is everywhere. He is hosting the Oscars, nominated for an Oscar, in almost every movie from 2010, going to Yale, acting on a Soap and rumored to be working towards teaching a course on himself. He was a guest on The Colbert Report last week and was rewarded with a longer segment than most guests get. Why? Because America is fascinated with James Franco.

“Does he think he’s a Renaissance Man, or is modern America so intellectually bankrupt that anyone pursuing any cultural enrichment of any kind makes him seem intellectual?” – James Franco, Colbert Report

I hate to say it, but Franco is right. America is completely intellectually bankrupt. And we needed a hot actor to point this out. Point taken James Franco, point taken. Think about it – Why is this ACTOR so vehemently hated because he wants to pursue his education? Why do people talk about him like he is trying to kill someone when he says he is an artist? The man wrote a book and people call him a douche bag. Actually, I am pretty sure that I was one of those people… But I see things a little differently now.

What if you had all of the resources that James Franco has? Would you sit on your ass and count your money, or would you seize the giant opportunity that life handed you and do anything and everything in the world that you wanted? I see some celebrities out there who, for lack of a better turn of phrase – take the low road. They party. They get arrested. They spend their time “winning” and making a mockery of themselves. They use their fame as a vehical for nothing more than a way to get laid and get press. I respect James Franco for taking the bull by the balls and DOING something.

I don’t have all of the options that hot Mr. Franco does, but I don’t let that stop me from pursuing new passions. Money doesn’t have to be a factor in everything. I wanted to get a BA – so I put myself through College. I want to be a writer – so I write this blog and I dabble in poetry and short stories. Hell, I even have a crappy Romance novel that I have been working on for years. I took up playing the Ukulele so I could have another outlet for singing and music. The point I am making here kids is this – growth is good. New ventures are good. Change in yourself is good. I have a lot of big passions in life, but I’ll be damed if that stops me from looking for more.

So, I raise my Pivo to you James Franco – for putting up a mirror to America’s fat, lazy asses. Go out and find something new, and keep striving for more. We might not be as hot as The Franco, but we can be just as cool. If not cooler.

I’ll bet HE can’t play the ukulele…


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