Of Weddings and Deaths

“The whole world is watching!”

Someone I know posted that statement on Facebook in regards to The Royal Wedding. I remember back when Chuck and Di got hitched (pre internet, of course) it seemed like the world stopped to watch. I was just seven years old, but I got dressed up to watch a real live woman have a fairy tale wedding. I was enthralled. Now thirty years later and I couldn’t care less. Why was the whole world watching a wedding for the British Monarchy? I think people would have realized the failure of this idea back when Anne Boleyn lost her head. But no. The Brits still have a “Queen” and the rest of us still pretend to care. The Wedding cost tax payers 20 million pounds. That’s a lot of money for a wedding that you weren’t even invited to. Not even a slice of cake! It reminds me of how the folks in L.A. got mad at the cost for Michael Jackson’s funeral.

And speaking of dead guys…

Again, the whole world is watching as the US claims some pretty morbid bragging rights over the long-awaited death of Bin Laden. As a country we have been literally hunting this man for a decade. That in and of itself is unsettling to me. Add to it the celebrations erupting all over the USA, and I get a little nauseated. Sure the guy was a murdering, greedy, asshole – I get that. When Saddam Hussein was executed, I had similar feelings. I was living here in Prague at the time and my students asked me about my feelings. It was hard for me to explain to them that I was not “happy” he was dead. They said that they didn’t understand.

I have been giving it some thought over the past couple of days. My older Czech students said that they “rejoiced” when Reinhard Heydrich was killed. He was known as “the Butcher of Prague”. Maybe if I had been personally affected by the acts of these evil men I might feel more passionately about their deaths. Or would I?

I like to think of myself as a good person. I don’t believe in the death penalty because I don’t think that Government sanctioned killing is ever a good idea. Not even for rapists and murders. And that is what happened with Bin Ladden. We killed him. I have a moral dilemma when it comes to the evil that men do. Because, if killing is evil and bad then it has to be evil and bad ALL THE TIME – not just “bad” when “bad people” do it.

The whole world IS watching. They are watching our country get excited about a wedding that has nothing to do with us. They are watching us proclaim to be the greatest nation on earth because we killed a man. They are watching us police the world while our own country can’t agree on even the smallest things. When my country decides that two people of the same-sex can legally be married, that is when I will rejoice. When my country stops listening to anyone who has enough money to be heard (TRUMP, I’m talking to you) I will rejoice. I know this post seems disjointed, and maybe it is. I am just baffled by our fascination with the rest of the world when we can’t figure ourselves out. So, I guess for now I am going to hope the best for those two Brit kids, hope that the death of Bin Laden will somehow benefit the rest of the world, and contemplate the larger problems facing America today – who will win American Idol?


2 thoughts on “Of Weddings and Deaths

  1. well said Alicia. I do admit I am not sad that Osama is dead but I am not rejoicing either. I also am perplexed by the US not allowing same sex marriages. Is it allowed in the Czech Republic? I also couldn’t care less about the royal wedding. What a waste of money. So silly in my opinion. They just spent a ton of cash here in Denmark renovating the crowned prince’s apartment. What the hell for?? And people even were allowed to view it if they paid another chunk of cash to wait outside all day being led through the apartment like sheep. The apartment was fine the way it was and meanwhile schools are shutting down and budgets are being cut like crazy to compensate. So strange. They should get a job and work like the rest of us to contribute instead of take. Hehe when the queen came to visit our little town, a reporter zeroed in on me asking me what Americans know about the Danish Royalty. Hehe I said apart from that stupid movie with Julia stiles where not one person spoke Danish, nothing. The british royaly are another matter all together. I really don’t care about any of it. They are all just people, what makes them so special?

  2. Just like a Disney movie, the prince gets married and the evil villan dies at the end, ha!

    Too bad they couldn’t capture Osama alive, then make his life sentence punishment of going through airport security every single day!!!

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