Boobs. Men (usually) like them and women (usually) have them. This is a universal truth. Your mom has ’em, your sister has ’em, old Granny Gertrude had ’em – bless her heart. So why are Americans so outraged at the sight of them?

A friend sent me this article today knowing full well it would get my gander up. And it did. It seems that the image of an androgynous looking fella wearing glam make up and hair set in curlers has some folks stateside throwing a conniption. But it’s not because a dude is in make-up. It’s because it LOOKS LIKE it COULD BE a woman, and that possible woman is showing her…


Really America? I thought we had gotten over our collective fear of titties. I guess I was wrong. So wrong in fact that popular stores have bagged this issue of Dossier Magazine as if it were the latest issue of JUGS. And it isn’t even a woman! When did breasts go from being sexy, awesome things to admire and play with to something we need to cover and hide?

Oh! The ignominy of breasts! We must shield our children from them! Well, after we nurse them. Breasts seem to be fine things when you are a baby and when you are an adult, but somewhere in between they turn into horrible things that will rob our youth of its innocence and wonder. They are obscene!

Well, fuck that. I have lived in Europe going on five years now and I gotta tell ya – boobs are just boobs. Nobody here seems to have a problem with them. You can see them in the park on sunny days and in some restaurants on Topless Tuesday’s. You see them in strip clubs and posters in the metro. A big deal you say? Psh! They are just boobs.

Get over it.


One thought on “Obscene

  1. Hmmmm, Boobs! Freedom of religion includes the freedom to force your religious views on others. I lived in Australia, and they have a much healthier view on sex and sexuality than here. I do understand the fascination with boobs, but don’t understand the taboo. I do disagree, boobs are most certainly not “just boobs”!

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