Is That a Scandal in Your Pocket…?

I’ve always known that guys like seeing pictures of boobs. I bet if you ask any (straight) guy if he would be happy getting random boob pictures sent to him, he would say: Duh. But women are a little different. We don’t want to see pictures of random dudes dicks. (There’s a reason that it is mostly guys on Chatroulette.) I’ll venture a guess that the rich and powerful females out there (Oprah? Michelle? Hillary?) don’t go around taking vanity shots of themselves and sending them out to strange men. It is a bad idea no matter who you are, but it is career suicide for people in the spotlight, and for those in politics. 

Something must happen to a man when he realizes he is both rich and powerful. A brain  synapse must go off telling him that all women want him and that he is invincible. Nothing can touch him. If he has political power then what is stopping him from doing whatever he wants? Mistresses? Sure. Lewd photos? Why not. That is what the internet is for, right? I think Shakespeare got it wrong when he wrote, “Vanity, thy name is woman”. Seems to me vanity has a new name – WEINER. 

Why do these men think they can get away with it in this day and age? Sure, back in the 50’s and 60’s it was a lot easier to have a quiet mistress, or an odd fetish or two. But not today. Today ANYONE who is in office, or married to someone in office… or who watches The Office is up for public scrutiny. Knowing this, why do the Weiners, the Chris Lee’s and the John Edwards do it? Why take photos of your oiled pecs and throbbing… er… egos and flirt with the world? It’s one thing to take the pictures in the first place. It’s another thing to send them out – on the internet – where they will stay forever. And shame on us for watching. If we all decided not to pay attention to these attention seeking ass-hats, then I bet they would stop doing stupid shit.


One thought on “Is That a Scandal in Your Pocket…?

  1. Male politicians do not have exclusive rights to this area of self exploitation. Unless you consider wardrobe malfunctions, see through Academy Award Dresses, and self distributed sex videos to be all complete accidents? It does make you wonder if it’s just male politicians and female actresses that feel the need to share themselves. Do you think that Steve the accountant does the same, snaps a pic and sends it off to his girlfriend and nobody cares, cause he’s an accountant? I know I’ve seen my share of “things that they’d never do sober” (the common excuse) in just one night on Bourbon Street. Or is this self aggrandizement all a product of technology? Couldn’t really picture Lincoln standing naked in front of a cameraman for the minute it would take to get the correct exposure (pun intended) on the film. I think it might be a simple as, actresses do it to GAIN attention and publicity, politicians do it DESPITE the publicity.

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