Class Warfare

I have never been a fan of “wealthy” people. In my thirty-seven years on this planet I have found that section of the populace to be the least accommodating, the most greedy and by far the most demanding. Rich people want to keep their money, not spend any of it and acquire more of it. Yes, I know not “ALL” rich people are like that. But if the Richies get to say that all poor people are lazy folk who want to suck from the teat of the all mighty tax payer then I get to make a few generalizations of my own.

And I am a poor person. I work full-time. I am a teacher. But if I made my Prague salary in America I would be considered in poverty. And I guess that makes me a threat to people with cold hard cash. I am a threat to people who have more than enough. I am a threat to people who own cars and wear expensive clothes. I am a threat to people who have private jets. I must be, for they are afraid of me and my public transportation pass.

Our President is asking that the very few wealthy people in America pay their fair share, pay what people with less are asked to pay. They call this an act of war. I call it common sense. It is a human duty of those with more to give back and help those with less. But like I said, rich people are greedy and accommodating. Mr. Boehner says that the President has declared class warfare but fails to see that this “war” has been going on for years. I think it started about the time of the Bush-era tax cuts.

The gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” in America is startling. And it is growing. It has been growing for decades and is getting worse. If this kind of ridiculous pettiness continues there will be a REAL class war. Asking for equality is never unfair. What is unfair is asking the middle class to support people who don’t need it.


One thought on “Class Warfare

  1. Great piece Alicia you could also call it Monogluttony 🙂 There are many exceptions, but there is nothing worse than a rich person with attitude that sharply looks down on you as you are performing honest service for them. There is nothing more important in this world than making sure kids turn out as decent adults-keep up the good work!

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