Five Years

Me five years ago – in my first flat in Prague.

This month marks my five year anniversary for living in Prague. We call it a “Prague-aversary”. When I came here back in 2006, I had plans to stay here for a year. And that first year was so hard that I am shocked that I survived. But I did survive. And I still am.

Most people don’t have any clue what it takes to pick up and change everything about their lives. Hell, I had no clue. I didn’t know what I was getting into, and I still wake up some mornings and wonder! But what I got into was living. I think I was a little dead before I decided to shake up my life. I had gone from one horrid (dull, boring, mundane) office job to the next hating every second of it. I always knew that I wasn’t cut out to be a desk monkey, but I just didn’t know there was anything else to do. No one ever told me it was possible for me to move to a different country and find happiness.

And find it I did. It wasn’t just sitting there waiting for me to pick it like a daisy, but it was there. I had to work for it. Changing your life isn’t easy. And I would venture a guess that it is probably harder to do in a foreign country, but who said it would be easy? I have fumbled, failed, cried, choked, sighed, given up all hope and even thought about packing it in. It’s hard. But…

Me five MINUTES ago – in my current flat in Prague.

Prague has taught me so much. I have learned that getting lost is just part of life – and getting lost in Czech is even harder. I have learned that old women will beat you senseless if you even think about getting in their way on a bus. I know that all I need to travel is a carry-on bag and my passport. I know not to stress about the small stuff, the big stuff or the in between stuff because no matter what happens I will probably need to get it sealed  and stamped before someone says I did it wrong and “it” is given back to me. I know who cares about me and has my back. I know when push comes to shove that I can handle myself and that I am strong both physically and mentally. I know that home is what you make of it.

So, with this little post I wish myself a happy Prague-Aversary. I have done well here. I am happier than I have ever been. Way to kick ass, Brooksie.


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