Ode to Linus

I have always felt a kinship to Linus Van Pelt. As a child I carried around a “blankie” and I sucked my thumb. Blankie would travel with me everywhere and I pity the fool who would try to take it from my tiny little hands. We were inseparable. But I don’t think the fact that I had a constant companion, or the fact that said companion was an inanimate object made me any less awesome. It is said that Linus coined the phrase “security blanket”. What is more awesome than that?

I think little Linus is the unsung hero of the Peanuts gang. Linus is undoubtedly an old soul. He is often dropping philosophy or theology on the gang leaving them stunned into silence, or reverence as the case may be. He has a blanket which he uses as costumes, a companion, hats, weapons, you name it. When Linus was being teased by a bully he fashioned his trusty blue blanket into a whip, snaps off a tree branch and tells the bully, “They never tease me more than once.”

The most important thing about Linus is obviously the invention of “The Great Pumpkin”. This kid invented his own shaman like being called “The Great Pumpkin” who would visit the most “sincere” pumpkin patch and bring gifts. Now, sit with that just for a second. He is the only person in the world that believes this, and in his description he uses the word “sincere”.  Linus is a man of faith and high morals. Linus understands what it means to be a believer. Linus likes Halloween, a lot.

So, Happy Halloween Linus. And may the Great Pumpkin finally rise out of the pumpkin patch and bring toys to you, and all of the other boys and girls in the world. 


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