Of Harassment and Molestation

I am taking a break from my NaNovel to write about a little problem see emerging in the states. I guess this problem has always been there, but I thought that we had gotten to the point where we as citizens were not going to put up with it anymore.

Herman Cain, one of the Republican Presidential hopefuls has been accused of more than one count of sexual harassment. He has settled out of court for some very large sums of money. Now that these facts have come to light he has gone from denial, to I don’t remember to flat-out asshole. I can’t believe that people in America are putting up with this. A man who has no respect for women has no business being our commander-in-chief. Sure, almost every President has had an extra marital affair or two, but that is between two consenting adults. Reaching your hand up a woman’s skirt is a different story. That is uninvited and that is harassment. He should be hanging his head in shame rather than running for office.

And what about the Penn State child molestation/abuse scandal? How in the world did this happen? Powerful men with clout and good reputations knew they had a predator in their midst and decided to stay quiet. They failed to take any real action (read: call the cops, press charges, fire the asshole) and now the school is suffering for it. Not to mention the children that could have been saved this trauma. The cult of football reminds me a lot of the Catholic church and its views towards child abuse – tuck it under the rug and cover it up.

All of this is wrong and embarrassing. It is pretty simple, when you see a wrong being done it is not only your duty as a citizen, but your duty as a human being to do something about it. If you see a woman being harassed in ANY way, then be a human being and put a stop to it. If you know of children being hurt, then call the police. Period. Nothing should come before the safety of a child. nothing. The fact that a football association put itself before the safety of a child is worth being outraged about. the fact that Herman Cain is so pompous to think that he could get away with treating women the way he does and STILL be elected President is worth being outraged about.

And be outraged. Show your outrage at the polls and where your money is. Don’t send donations to Penn State. Don’t vote for Herman cain. Be a human being.


2 thoughts on “Of Harassment and Molestation

  1. I don’t disagree with anything you wrote. Just a heads up about the Sandusky situation… He wasn’t working for Penn State. He was already retired, so no way to “fire” him. He was involved in a charity he founded that was “allegedly” giving him access to the children. As a respected member of the the university, he was given access to the grounds. After the incident, he was denied that access. But I agree, police should have been involved! The president and the athletic director should have protected the children, not the university’s reputation! But I don’t agree in burying Joe Paterno, just because he’s the most known individual involved in this. Put yourself in his position… allegations such as those being leveled at someone you’d known and worked with for 20+ years. Wouldn’t you do what you’re supposed to do and report it, but then turn a bit of a blind eye to the follow up because you don’t want to believe? Especially if the individual involved had NOTHING to do with your program anymore? Just a thought. I hope I never have to be in that position myself.

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