Being Alicia

I watch a show called “Being Erica”. It’s a Canadian show about a quirky and spunky young woman who is given the gift of time travel – within her own life – and the opportunity to go back and fix regrets. It’s a silly show, but it’s fun. I like the idea of someone on TV actually growing from their mistakes rather than repeating them again and again, season after season.

This season Erica is faced with the knowledge of her death. She is told when and where she is going to die and challenged with living in the present knowing what she knows. Does she change the way she lives and the choices she makes because she will die in five years? And of course, it got me thinking…

We make choices everyday, little choices and big choices. We choose to wake up and go to work. We choose to skip a day at the gym in order to spend time with our friends and family. We choose the burger over the salad, or perhaps we choose to take that shot at the bar Friday night and spend all of Saturday paying for it.

These are all choices. Most of them we make without even thinking. They are habits, or things that we no longer think we have a choice in but we do. We think, “I have to go to work.” But do you? Do you have to? No, you don’t. But the consequences are not worth the pleasure of a day off so most of us make the choice to go to work.

On the show, Erica has a moment of thinking that she’ll just live with abandon since she knows she will die in five years. We have all had that thought, or played the “If you knew you would die tomorrow, what would you do?” game. But there was a twist – what if your choices shape and change your reality? What if you DON’T die in five years? Will you still be happy with the choices you made?

I think that life has to be a combination of seizing the day, and working for something bigger. Without something to dream about, without a goal we all get lazy. For me, I have always wanted to write a novel. Well, there’s not time like the present. I am doing it. And even if it is crappy, I can check that off my bucket list. There is no reason for not accomplishing something you want other than you choose not to.

It all comes down to choices that YOU make. Don’t like something? Choose differently. Feel fat? Put down the cookie and go for a walk. In a rut? Change something in your routine. Hell, five years ago I decided to change my life and move to Europe. Guess I can check that off my bucket list too. But I want more. What motivates me and keeps me going is the thought that at any moment, I can change my life.



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