I’ll admit it. When I first heard someone mention SOPA my first thought was of the delicious, savory Mexican snack. My mouth started watering, and I was fantasizing about taco trucks within ten seconds. Unfortunately, the news worthy SOPA and the yummy Sopes are not the same thing. One is full of yum, and the other is full of shit.

SOPA is an acronym for Stop Online Piracy Act. It’s a bill designed to target websites that host pirated content and crackdown on those pirates out there posting shit for free – i.e. everyone. What does this mean? It means that companies will be held accountable and liable for what their users post. That means that sites like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, and all other social forums where people post and repost funny pictures or videos from god knows where will cease to exist. Why? Because once this bill passes those sites simply can’t exist anymore. It is likely that they will be replaced with commercial media software. 

(Check out this Google Doc called “SOPA For Dummies”)

As of midnight tonight, Wikipedia is staging a blackout in protest of this stupid law. Mainstream media is in support of it which mean that you probably won’t get the full story so I’ll try to fill in the blanks. This law will suppress free speech online and allow for media corporations to commercialize whatever they want. “One of the provisions in the Senate version, which is still out there, is that under certain circumstances Internet providers would be required to block access to sites, by removing them from the DNS entry list. So if you type in the domain of a site that’s been accused of being devoted to infringement of copyright you wouldn’t get an answer of whether that site exists. That’s exactly what China does. They do blocking at the DNS level.” (Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia from THIS article)

I guess I’m writing this because I was in the dark. I thought SOPA was a food. but now that I know, now that a little light has been shed on me, I thought I needed to return the favor. If you like freedom, the internet, posting old clips of The Golden Girls to your pals FB page – then protest this law. Write to you local representative or congress person. Don’t believe me? Then do a little reading for yourself. If you are in favor of censorship then… well…this law is for you. 

Now, I am going to watch some videos of kittens waking up on YouTube while I still can. 


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