Rush Limbaugh: A master Class in Douche-baggary

ImageTo many of us Rush Limbaugh is just that douchey windbag that courts the conservative party as if he owns stock in it. Some of us try not to listen when he opens that gaping hole he uses for a mouth, but he is often times like a crying child seated next to you on an airplane: impossible to ignore.

And that is exactly what he is hoping for. After all, that jackass is a highly paid entertainer. And just like Stephen Colbert has his “faux conservative” shtick, Mr. Limbaugh has his non faux pompous, arrogant, asshole shtick. His brand of entertainment is broadcasting exaggerations, lies, and insults to anyone he thinks might deserve it. But the man has clearly crossed a line.

Calling a woman a slut is mean. Calling a woman a “slut” who was denied both her right to speak for herself, and her right to birth control a slut is just plain idiotic.  Leave it to the  GOP’s mouth, the man with a million followers to be a mean idiot. I hope that the Republican party stands up and says collectively, “Rush, what you said to that woman is not acceptable in any forum, bus especially not in a political one. We will no longer listen to you, nor will be ask for your opinion on matters of political import or as a backer for candidates.”

This radio personality has far to great an influence politically. It is time for all of us to speak up – not only the Stephen Colbert’s and Jon Stewart’s of the world. The Fox news people, and the rest of us as well need to stand up and say that we wont… uh… stand for it. We need to let these assheads know that we will no longer ignore their damaging, hate filled speech. We need to hold them accountable.

I’m not saying that Rush shouldn’t have the freedom of speech that we all enjoy, I’m saying that what he says shouldn’t matter. If we all just decide to stop listening to him (and people like him) what they say won’t matter. Eventually people like Rush and Ann Coulter won’t have a forum because nobody will give a shit about what they have to say. Why should we give any creedence whatsoever to ignorant assbags like Limbaugh?

We shouldn’t. Holding Rush accountable for his own words is the first step. The next step is turning the dial when you hear his voice.


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