5 Ways Pinterest is a Lie

I am a pinner. I pin things. I pin things to a pinboard and then let other people look at it, “like” it, and even “repin” what I have pinned. Sure, it’s an online pinboard, and the images are “borrowed” from all over the internet, but I still feel really creative doing it. But I am a collector. I like making collages and lists so this new online time suck is well suited to me.

And I guess it is useful for people planning weddings or other types of parties. You can make a board of flower arrangements or color schemes that you are working with. You can put together a board of dress designs for bridesmaids, or ideas for your food selections. But let’s be honest that’s not what folks are using Pinterest for. Pinterest is a lie.

1. “You are original” – Pinterest let’s you feel like you are creating something new and original when in fact you are just recycling someone elses work. Your collection of “cute animals” or “kittens” is nothing new. I promise, you are not the first person to think kittens are adorable.

2. “You are Fashionable” – Here is a news flash, Betty – just because you post pictures of that cool outfit Jennifer Lopez was wearing doesn’t mean that you should. Or could. Or ever will. You titled your board “My Style” but let’s be honest, shall we? Your style is more jeans and T-shirt and less $300 sundress.

3. “You are Worldly” – Ahh, yes… the Travel Boards. I love these. Bored mommies posting pictures of Paris at night, or isolated beaches of Bora Bora with captions like, “Someday…” or “Dream Vacation”. I hate to break it to you, but you won’t be going there. I know, I know, it says “Dream Vacation” but why not post pictures of something attainable, like say a trip to a nice park? Or a spa day?

4. “You are a great Parent” – This is my favorite. I see all sorts of boards dedicated to baby rooms, and baby things and parenting tip from women who admittedly don’t have children “yet”. C’mon. How about making a board of all the cool stuff you get to do and have since you DON’T have any kids? And the real mommies are no better. I see tons of expensive, stylized baby rooms posted. And sure, it would be nice but I think little Suzie might appreciate it a little more if you spent that money on her education rather than a Princess themed room and a designer pram.

5. “You Workout” – I am fairly guilty of this one, but at least I hit the gym more times a week than not. There are tons of boards dedicated to “fitness” or “Inspiration” and I think that is fine… if it works. It works for me. I look at pictures of Jillian Anderson (who is a shorty like me) and think, ‘Man, if I just applied myself I could look a little something like that…’ And it’s true. And it works. But, just posting pictures of fit women doesn’t mean I am one. Looking at pictures of people busting ass isn’t the same as actually doing it.

So, the moral here is that it is fun to live in the fantasy land of Pinterest, but just remember that it is just that – a fantasy. Pinning pictures of happy families, good mommies, hot bodies, and far off lands is all well and good as long as we keep sight of reality.

And the reality for me is this, I am a fairly hot, slightly chubby, totally happy woman who has an unhealthy obsession with kittens, old Hollywood, and Star Wars. And that’s alright with me.



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