5 Ways that Women Get it Wrong

If you have read my blog before, or know me personally, you know that I am a staunch feminist. I believe that women should have the same rights as men, should make as much money as men (if they can both do the same job), be able to fight in wars, love who they want, have kids or not have kids, and have full control over their own bodies. It’s really not much to ask for. Basic human rights should be alloted to everyone – gay, straight, man or woman. 

Having said that, I think I need to point out that sometimes us lady folk get it wrong. Sure  men get it wrong too, but I am not a dude. So I can’t really give a first hand account of that. And I simply do not have the vast amount of time it would take to make a list of the same title about men. (Insert sad trombone sound here)

  1. Fashion – You know what I am talking about, right? There are plenty of women who see an outfit online, or in a magazine and think, ‘I like that. I will get that’. Not always the best idea. Just because that chick from Twilight wears something doesn’t mean that you can. Or should. Sometimes we spend too much time trying to look like someone else and not enough time just being ourselves. And don’t even get me started on the make-up. Make-up is supposed to accentuate our beauty, not become a second face. It kind of scares people, just look at Tammy Faye Baker.
  2. Being “conservative” – This is a no brainer. Nobody should be in charge of you besides you. You should have the right to choose to marry if you want to (and who you want to). You should have the right to have children if you want to, and not have them if that is your choice. It is maddening to me that there are women out there who think they are “more of a woman” than others because they chose to have children or get married. Not only does that logic not hold water, it is counter productive. What would happen if someone decided that women in America could only have 1 child from now on? What would happen if someone decided for you that you cannot have a family because it was against THEIR religion? Well, that’s just what conservative women are doing to the rest of us. Women – ALL WOMEN – should be able to decide for themselves, not just christians. 
  3. Relationships – And I mean with both men and women. Not all of us fall into this category, but enough of us do that it bares talking about… again. I wrote a little post on how sucky women are to each other when they get a new guy. You can read it here. That post pretty much sums it up, so I won’t bother to repeat myself.
  4. Sugar & Spice – We are brought up to “be nice” and to “keep quiet” and “keep our opinions to ourselves”. Well, that is crap. And some women actually believe it! If you are being treated unfairly – speak up. If you see someone else being treated unfairly – say something. All that “being nice” does for you is make you a  doormat. 
  5. Leggings are not pants – I cannot stress this enough: Tights and leggings are not pants. If you are wearing leggings your top should cover your ass. If your top leaves your ass hanging out there, then you need to put a coat on. This look makes you look dumb, and funny.

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