Michelle Obama is a Super Badass

If you follow my blog you already know a little bit about me. You already know that I am an advocate for women’s rights, and gay rights. You already know I love movies and I love talking about them. You might have gleaned that I like to watch TV shows and that  I think The Biggest Loser is pretty much the best thing to happen to TV since Alan Alda. And, knowing my love for The Biggest Loser it only stand to reason that I would be passionate about health and fitness.

You know who else is passionate about health and fitness? Only Michelle Obama! You know who was a special guest on the best TV show ever? You guessed it, the First Lady herself – Michelle Obama. She came on the show to congratulate the contestants on their monumental achievement and to tell them how awesome they looked after their makeovers. She was quite personable with the contestants and their families. She hugged them, smiled at them and spoke to them like she knew them, which she kind of does since she watches the show. All in all she was very approachable and down to earth.

After the meet and greet, The Fisrt Lady and all of the contestants (and their families) put on their workout gear and had a sweat session right there in the White House. Both Bob and Dolvett were on hand to make sure that Mrs. Obama felt the burn and got a taste of what a Biggest Loser workout was like.

I have alway liked Mrs. Obama, but seeing her on The Biggest Loser made me a fan. It is nice to see a first lady using her powers for good. I liked Hillary for the same reason. Michelle Obama is everything that a role model for girls should be. She is a professional in her own right, she is talented, smart and well spoken. The fact that she has taken fitness as her platform in the White House is just a bonus.

I think we need more women like Michelle Obama. I wish when I was little there was a strong badass babe in the White House. I was stuck with Nancy Reagan. I mean I’m sure she is a swell lady and all, but her big thing was “Just Say NO!” an anti drug campaign seemingly aimed at teens. All it really did was make drinking in them really fun and ironic. If there had been a Michelle Obama in the White House when I was a kid I think I might have paid attention. She is teaching girls of today to take care of themselves and educate themselves. She is teaching them that you don’t have to sit passively next to your man in order to support him, you can be your own person at the same time.


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