My Way

I have never been the type of person who does what is expected of them just because it was expected. Actually, if you tell me to Zig you will most likely be met with a dirty look and the words “Make me.” I like to do things my own way. It’s pretty much how I ended up in Prague six years ago.  I was exhausted from trying to fit into the model I had been provided with as a young woman in America. Go to school. Get a job. Get married. Have babies… But that wasn’t enough for me so I sought a life elsewhere. And I found it in Prague.

But that was six years ago. The time has come for a change yet again. Yes folks, I have decided to leave this lovely city and return to the US for a while. This decision (much like the one to move here in the first place) has been met with a wide variety of reactions from friends and family both here and in the states. Some people are supportive and happy for me. They understand that living in one place too long just makes me itchy. There is a great big world to see and I’m not getting any younger! But, there are those who act like I am betraying expats everywhere by leaving. I think my presence in Prague makes people feel comfortable. I get the raised eyebrow usually followed by a snide question like “Wow. So, you already have a job lined up?” or “Well, good luck. I love it here.”

Just for the record – I am not leaving Prague after six years here because I hate it. I still love Prague. But my experience here has become stale. I am exhausted from trying to deal with Czech red tape everywhere from the Foreign Police to the Post Office to the freaking grocery store. I am tired of meeting the same 25 year olds every year who are convinced that their experience is unique and different. I am tired of Czech customer service – or lack there of. I am tired of Czech beer. I am tired of teaching. And, I am ridiculously tired of the bland Czech cuisine.  So, basically I am tired. I am ready for a new adventure, new scenery and new flavors. The fact that I have decided to move is not a reflection on anyone moving to or living in Prague. It’s just that MY time is up. It’s bitter-sweet, but still time to move forward. I’m not saying I’ll stay in the states forever. You never know what could be waiting around the corner. If there is one thing I have learned from living in Prague it is don’t make plans – they have a way of falling through.

SO what is to happen to Alicia? Well, I’ll tell ya. I plan on doing a LOT more singing once I hit Texas. I am tired of people asking where they can go see me in concert or buy my album and not have a good answer. Sure, I’ll still be the Karaoke Queen, but I will also try to do some professional singing as well. I also plan on traveling. My fella and I are planning some road trips around the US to visit friends and family and see some sites. As for work I am currently studying for my personal trainer certification. I plan to be both ACE & ACT certified and start work as a trainer sometime during the summer. Most of all, I just plan on starting a new chapter in my life and being totally, blissfully happy.


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