How the Presidential Election is Just Like American Idol

This week, President of the United States Barack Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage and equality for all people – gay or straight. Most people had a mixture of emotions from joy to relief to “What took him so long?” But this is obviously a great thing and a history making announcement. We can sit here all day and wish it didn’t have to be like this, or say that he should have evolved sooner – but that is a waste of time and energy. The point is that the current US President took an offical stand for equality. Period. This is a good thing. It says to me that the politics of the day are shifting to a more inclusive nature.

I’m no dummy. I know that the timing on this “announcement” was no accident, and I also know that Mr. Obama was pretty evolved well before this announcement. And to this I say, so what? I knew Obama was pro gay & pro woman when I voted for him. Heck, that’s WHY I voted for him. His official announcement should not have been a surprise to anyone who follows politics. And yet some people are saying that he is using gay rights as a political platform and that he won’t see it through.

Did Obama make a “historic moment” out of something that really wasn’t? Yeah, he did. But why not? The American people are kind of like the audience for American Idol. If they don’t get a “moment”, they will forget about you and vote for the other guy. This announcement was President Obama’s “Don’t Stop Believing'” He took the stage and reminded people of who he really is and that he deserves your vote.

The way I see it, it breaks down like this – Mitt Romney i s the guy who isn’t really that talented but looks the part. He is this years Hollie. She pretty much sucked her way through the competition and got by on the fact that she could belt out a few big notes. Big whoop. Do we want “Hollie” running the country? I think not. What we want is someone who knows who they are and can deliver no matter what. We want a Josh Ledet or a Phillip Phillips. And that my friends is Barack Obama. He knows when to hold back and he knows when to let loose and take you to church – musically speaking of course.

I have full faith that once President Obama is re-elected that he will continue his support for equality in America. I don’t think he is wishy-washy and I don’t think he said what he said just to get votes. He’s been pro gay rights for a long time. I think we as American citizens need to look at the big picture: With Obama as President America has a chance to regain a sense of pride and a sense of inclusion for all people – and really mean it. On the other hand, with President Mitt “Hollie” Romney all we will get is an out of tune Miley Cyrus ballad, a trip back to an America that denied women’s rights to choose and denied the existence of gay people.

I don’t know about you, but when the Presidential phone lines open I’ll be dialing 1-800-OBAMA-01. He has the chops to get the job done. And, he’s not a bad singer to boot.


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