5 Ways to Save Money

I have a feeling that no matter how rich you become, you still have the desire to save money. It’s just a feeling because I have never been rich. In fact, I have never even been in line to get into the ball park of being rich. But, I have been super poor all of my life. I have received unemployment and I have spent the last six years living and working in Prague which means I have absolutely no money. If you work in Prague, it isn’t money you are after.  And who’s gonna know better than a broke chick about saving money?

  1. Don’t Have Kids – Duh. This one is a no brainer. kids are cute and funny and all that, but one thing they ain’t is cheap. And don’t tell me your fucking Labradoodle is your “baby”. It isn’t. Last time I checked you didn’t need to save money to send Sparky to college only to have him drink away his freshman year, then get a part-time job flipping burgers while living in your basement for the next ten years. All the while eating YOUR food and driving your car. Yeah, your pet doesn’t count as a child. 
  2. Don’t Drive – I’m a big fan of not driving. I don’t like it. I’d much rather take public transit or walk. Or ride a bike. Or roller skate. Or carpool. Riding a bike saves you money on gas, insurance, maintenance and time at the stupid DMV… and it helps you look hotter. 
  3. Cook  I know, it’s crazy. With all of those fine restaurants out there that offer so much tasty food, why would you want to cook? Because most of that food isn’t actually good, or good for you, or even very affordable. If you are eating at The Olive Garden, Chili’s, Applebee’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Panera or TGI Friday’s then you are eating crap food plain and simple. Not to mention you are probably eating about 2000 calories every time you sit down no matter what you order. Now, wouldn’t it be better if you went to the store and found good ingredients and cooked them yourself? You’d know what was going in your body and you’d save a bundle. You also wouldn’t have to put up with hearing depressed waiters forced to smile while singing “Happy Birthday” two dozen times while you ingest your Awesome Blossom, Hickory Burger and cheesecake.
  4. Lose the Cable T.V. – How much does cable cost these days? No, really I have no idea, but whatever it is  – it’s too much. With the internet out there, you can watch whatever show, movie or video you want online. It makes having cable T.V. the biggest waste of money I can think of. I say take your cable T.V. money and put it towards something cool and useful. Better yet, get a library card (which is FREE and gives you access to BOOKS and DVDs and other neat things) and then put that cable money towards something awesome like a veggie garden or a treehouse or beer. 
  5. Buy Generic– Living in Europe has taught me that “name brands” are just another way for you to participate in keeping up with the Joneses. Honestly. take a look at anything from toilet paper to aspirin and compare the ingredients and I bet you will find that they are the same. Why would you spend an extra $3 dollars on grape juice just because it say’s Welches on it? Oh, because you have been conditioned by the good people at Welches Marketing to think that Welches Grape Juice is some wholesome, good for you product that is better than the others because you recognize the name. Well, I got news for you. It’s exactly the same as the 28 other grape juices in the juice section. It costs more because you are gullible and you bought into the pretty picture they showed you. Buy the cheaper, lesser known brand of whatever it is – you’ll save money. Promise. Store brands cost about 27% less than their Big Brand counter parts. Price gaps have less to do with what goes into the package than with the research, development, and marketing costs that help build a household name.Read more: http://moneyland.time.com/2009/09/02/the-store-brand-taste-test-challenge-theyre-as-good-as-big-name-brands/#ixzz1yhkmY3a7

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