GoodBye Hello

I have been writing Prague Blog! since I decided to move to Prague. That’s about 6 years running give or take a month or three. I started this blog as a way to let friends and family “back home” know what I was doing over in Europe, and so that I wouldn’t have to write the same email fifteen times. I figured that if you wanted to know what was going on with me, you could just look at my blog.  

And I meant it. To this very day, if you want to know what is going on in my life, what I am passionate about or just some random stuff I fit into a list – you can check my blog. I have been a diligant writer over the last six years because I made a promise to do so. But, this will be the last “offical” post from Prague Blog!.

Now before you get all teary eyed let me tell you that I ain’t going anywhere. You can still come RIGHT HERE and read my rants & reviews, my silly lists, my political opinions and quirky life observations – it just won’t be called Prague Blog! anymore. I figured the blog needs to be reflective of what and where I am, and I just won’t be in Prague anymore.

Prague Blog! and I have been through a lot together. We’ve lived in Los Feliz in L.A., a dozen neighborhoods in Prague, we rode a bus for 12 straight hours into Mexico, and we have practiced jet setting all over Europe. Prague Blog! is tired and needs a break from all of the excitement. And that’s just what I am gonna give her. She deserves it. She’s been a good blog.

But! The new and improved blog – The Blog Formerly Known as Prague Blog – if you will, is going to be sweet! It will have a new and improved outlook… and layout. It will still be funny and insightful and cool and interesting and annoying, but even more so! It has to be. I am jumping head first into some very new and intriguing waters. I am moving to Texas! After six years in Europe! I promise, The Blog Formerly Known as Prague Blog will be great. Just watch as Alicia encounters  Republicans, Evangelicals, rednecks and more!

So, this is Prague Blog! signing off. Till next time… same bat time, same bat channel. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing next week from America!

(No, seriously. It will be the exact same website & same web address,  just a new name and look. Please don’t stop reading me.) 


3 thoughts on “GoodBye Hello

  1. This of course, is one of my TOP blogs! What a wonderful end to a fantastic chapter! Not only did reading your blog in year one, bring me to you, but as we both know, it changed the course of my life. Cheers to many more entries, Alicia! As you may recall, I was born in Houston, lived in San Antonio, and have family in Dallas. I can’t wait to read what you discover in that Lone Star State and can’t wait to meet you in Austin for some good times. Welcome back to Ameerrricaa (read like a cowgirl). 🙂


  2. Although the rural regions of Texas are mostly republican, you may find yourself at home if you choose to move to South Austin, in fact there is a section called SoCo (or South Congress) which is predominately a democrat community.

  3. Alicia, i have been reading your blog for the past year and I’m so bummed. I am moving to Prague and you just moved back. Wish you the best of luck in Tx. Moving to Prague Aug 1st. So excited for this journey. Just sorry I didn;t get to meet you. U seem like somebody I would have appreciated.

    Best Wishes, Barb

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