My sweetie and I woke up early yesterday to go see Christopher Nolan’s newest (and last) installment in his Dark Knight Trilogy. Our excitement was tempered by the news of the horrible shootings in Colorado. Some 25-year-old punk who thinks he’s the Joker walked into a movie theatre heavily armed, and started shooting. He left 12 people dead and nearly 60 wounded. He was apprehended and arrested.

Every time something like this happens people are shocked and want explanations. Why did he do it? What would make a 25-year-old person do something like that? For me the reasons don’t really matter. What matters most is making sure it doesn’t happen again. Maybe some better questions are these: How did one man manage to get such a huge array of automatic weapons? Why do we as Americans think we not only have the right to carry automatic weapons, but have the right to use them when we feel like it?

It’s a sad state if affairs when you can’t even be safe going to the movies. I’d say this was an isolated incident, but it just isn’t. This keeps happening. The federal assalt weapons ban expired in 2004. I can’t see any good reason for average Joe P. American to have an assalt riffle. When the founding fathers came up with the good old Second Amendment I don’t think automatic weapons were exactly what they had in mind.

It’s up to us to make sure things like this don’t happen anymore. Sure, we can’t keep folks from being crazy, but we can stop them from carrying loaded weapons around, and we can keep them from getting their crazy little hands on them in the first place. President Obama says this is a time for prayer, and not politics – and he is right up to a point. We should greive and pray (if that’s your thing) but we should also not forget HOW we managed to let this happen. It’s time that we stop letting the NRA bully us into become mass murders. Let’s focus our attention on the NRA, it’s supporters, and on congresses failure to keep us safe. I don’t believe that Americans are more murderous than other nations. I believe that we have easier access to guns and that is the major problem. 

Batman doesn’t believe in the use of guns. That’s good enough for me.


7 thoughts on “Violence

  1. I respectfully disagree. For starters he did not have any automatic weapons. The closest thing he had was an AR-15 which was configured to shoot single shot for each time the trigger was pulled. If more people carried concealed handguns, then chances are he may not have killed anyone in the theater. You can’t take away a citizen’s right to bear arms, that law was written into the constitution for a reason. Taking away this right will begin an imminent collapse of our great nation.

    If you want to change policy, I implore you to redirect your efforts to prevent the government to continue to stifle parenting/teaching etc and find ways for parents and teachers to raise each generation in a more respectful manner… to include corporal punishment etc.

    Television and media also share a significant amount of blame too. Rather than sensationalizing this event, it should be put to rest swiftly and rather than focusing on James Holmes, the media should give 100% of their attention towards the victims.

    Clearly there are far too many kids that are being raised without proper social skills, that is the root of the problem.

    Access to some form of weapon will always be available. Just be thankful this idiot didn’t build a bomb that could’ve killed hundreds instead.

    I firmly believe we should reconsider restrictions for “cruel and unusual punishment” for cases of convicted felons involved in massacre. Then perhaps all these “isolated incidents” may decline?

    • For starters he DID have automatic weapons. It Jammed. “A federal law enforcement official says the semi-automatic assault rifle used in the deadly Colorado movie theater shooting jammed during the attack.”

      I don’t see a difference between semi and automatic. Both are totally unnecessary for people to have. Period.

      • To be completely honest, a fully automatic weapon actually degrades precision in the hands of an inexperienced user, plus he would’ve blown through his ammo much quicker if it was a full-auto machine gun. I wish all the “gun control activists” would realize that there will always be some form of weapon, namely bombs, and the fact remains that bombs are far more effective than guns.

        In no way am I trying to defend this prick, it just bothers me when people shift blame in wrong direction. Any focus on how he legally obtained weapons is completely irrelevant.

        I firmly believe we should spend more effort on correcting the social defects in society which should be evaluated and escalated accordingly starting through high school. He clearly was an intelligent person…he was a grad student, but could some sort of mental evaluation been made beforehand to prevent his actions?

        Why isn’t the movie industry not taking any flack for this? They are partly to blame for introducing this delusional fantasy that he chose to act out. Where are his parents? What type of family dynamic was he raised in? How many violent video games has he played throughout his life? How can we demonstrate to our youth the value and importance of the preservation of life?

      • The fact is he is an adult fully capable of making his own decisions and knowing right from wrong. His parents, and certainly not the entertainment industry cannot be blamed for his actions. And I hope that we NEVER see the day we force people to be mentally tested. It’s been proven again and again that video games have no effect on kids – put the blame where it belongs: in the hands of the man who shot innocent people with guns.

  2. Not sure if you’ve been following the developments in the story, but it turns out that he was seeing a therapist and the therapist had in fact reported him to the authorities who in turn did nothing to prevent this tragedy.

    So I digress, on a lighter side, you’ve got to listen to this radio ad from here in Texas, the best part is the last 5 seconds of the ad:

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