5 Truths about “King of the Hill”

I have always liked the show “King of the Hill”. It is witty and clever, and if I am going to be perfectly honest here, it is really all about Bobby Hill. Right? I love Bobby Hill and I wish he was a real kid I could hang out with. Sure Hank is alright, and Peggy is this weird combination of feminist and conservative homemaker, but the love lies with Bobby. What I didn’t know was that most of what you see on this little cartoon is based in fact. Something this California girl who spent most of the last ten years in the Czech Republic couldn’t have possibly known.

  1. “Whataburger” is REAL! – Who knew? Apparently people in Texas, that’s who. I had always thought that the goofy named burger joint was made up specifically for the show. Kind of how “Red Apple” cigarettes were made up by Quentin Tarantino so he didn’t have to pay money to the real cigarette people. But I was wrong! This is a real fast food place that is found mostly in Texas and a few other southern states. In an episode where Bobby signs up for a 5k (and of course doesn’t run it) he receives an official Whataburger sweat band. Irony is cool. In real life these burgers are pretty awful, so I’ll stick to watching cartoon characters eat them.
  2. Those rednecks hanging out by the fence drinking beer? Yeah, people really talk like that – I figured that most of it was exaggeration for TV, like the way TV always makes people from L.A. skinny and have big boobs when in reality they are just as fat and regular boobed as the rest of the country. I have come to find that people from Texas (okay, SOME people from Texas) really talk like Hank, Boomhauer, Dale Gribble and the gang – and sometimes various combinations thereof. People actually say “I tell you what” without a sense of irony at all, and they hardly open their mouths at all when talking. It’s weird.
  3. Arlen, Texas is fictional – I guess this one is my fault, but Americans are notoriously bad when it comes to geography. Espically geography of America. But I checked and there is no Arlen, Texas.
  4. There is Texas paraphernalia all over the place – I addressed this discovery in an earlier blog entitled “The Odd Phenomenon in Texas“. Who else but Peggy Hill would have a Texas shaped clock in their kitchen? Answer: Just about everyone in Texas.
  5. Luanne’s hair is pretty darn accurate, I’ll tell you what After only a few weeks in Texas I have come to the conclusion that Texas is solely responsible for keeping the hairspray industry afloat all these years. I have never seen such wind resistant, and decade resistant hairstyles in all my life. See that sectioned off portion of Luanne’s hair? That happens! People tease this shit out of the bangs and form some sort of weird canyon in the middle with the use of a gallon of hairspray. The result is both fascinating and unsettling at the same time. They have a saying in Texas, “The higher the hair, the closer to god.” Lucky for me neither me nor my hair care to reach that high.

4 thoughts on “5 Truths about “King of the Hill”

  1. I stumbled into this blog after looking for a particular Bobby Hill quote about Whataburger, but I thought you might want to know that a “Luann Platter” is a reduced portion meal at a Texas cafeteria chain named “Luby’s.”

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