The Best Song of the Summer

I know a lot of you are jamming to the sweet, sweet sounds of Justin Bieber, or doing “funny” lip syncs of that “Call Me Maybe” song this summer, and that’s cool. I mean if you like that kind of thing. Me, I like something a little more classy and thought provoking. Some of my past Summer Jams have included “Who Let the Dogs Out”, “I Just Had Sex”, and “The Thong Song”. I like songs that have a little more to offer the world than just a beat you can grind to. I want depth. I want meaning. I want a song that Coldplay WISHES they had written.

Then it happened. I was chillin’ on the couch, watching perhaps the best television game show ever (The Price is Right) relaxin’ in my comfy gouchos when I heard it. I was stunned. What was this simple, melodic tune I was hearing?  Who was singing it? The answer has been stuck in my head all week. It’s The Hoveround song.

The Hoveround is a scooter for old folks similar to the Lark I remember from my youth. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is this: 

And BOOM! I’m obsessed. His name is Michael LeLand, and he is brilliant. I want him to cover the Al Jarreau song book, or perhaps do a duet with Aaron Neville.I want The Hoveround guy to put out an album of America’s Favorite commercial jingles. I think he could slay with the Slinky Song, or even the Meow Mix tune. I could even see him as a future judge on Idol.

Here is a remix for you. 




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