A Loving Tribute to the World’s Shittiest Photographer

Way better than a baby.

I first came across the work of famed photographer Anne Geddes when I was in charge of the stationery department at Vroman’s Bookstore. Actually, I couldn’t escape her. Her work was everywhere I looked. She has calendars, greeting cards, T-shirts, blank note cards, scapbooking materials, photography books, pregnancy calendars and check book covers. Hell, I’m sure by now there are iPhone cases and apps which feature tranquilized babies sleeping in uncomfortable places.




Anne Geddes is the woman responsible for all of those pictures of babies sleeping in flowers or dressed up as fairies and stuff. I loathe her and if I ever see her I am going to find out why she hates babies so much. I mean, how could anyone who claims to love babies make them look so uncomfortable and annoying? Does this look comfortable for anyone involved? And the result is nothing but disturbing. It looks like those babies ate poisoned berries and are just waiting to become baby stew.

Now before any of you who LOVE her, or had your own baby dressed up to look like a flower or a mouse or a pea pod or whatever let me state for the record that I am NOT making fun of your baby or your choice to put giant flowers on its head. I am simply pointing out that her “best-selling” photography business is pretty lame and completely unoriginal. That’s all. I promise I don’t hate your baby. Your baby is the cutest baby. Ever.

WTF is going on here? Eww.

That being said… the woman needs to stop producing the same shit. It’s time for a change. And what could be more of a change than THIS! Amazing! Finally some “Anne Geddes” type photos that I can get behind. Maybe these awesome photos will help the real Anne Geddes see that the time for torturing babies is past. Maybe she could start sedating dumbass politicians and taking pictures of them with Celine Dion.

Or maybe she could just stop. Enough is enough already. It’s time we reclaimed our baby pictures from the over stylized, overly sentimental schlock that is Anne Geddes. Amen.


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