Positively Texas

My blog gets both criticized and praised equally for being a tad on the “negative” side. Maybe not negative per se, but I do like to point out obvious flaws or total lameness when I see it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with humorously attacking a presidential hopeful for their outdated or bigoted views, or calling out folks when they act a fool. Those are just a couple of examples, but it’s what I do. And most folks seem to like it or lump it. I figure by exploiting the negative junk the positive stuff rises to the surface. Like a Cheerio in milk.

That being said, I don’t think I have given Texas a fair shake. In fact, due to my upbringing and conditioning in California, I think I hated Texas before I even got here. And my friends didn’t help the situation. The news that I was leaving Prague for The Lone Star State was not met with overwhelming support or cries of “Good for You!”. Instead what I got was disdain. A few of my American friends said things like, “Really? Why?”, or “Seriously? Well, if that’s what you want…” accompanied by eye rolling. Gee thanks. Starting over in a new place sight unseen isn’t very easy, but it is even harder when people are constantly and consistently telling you how much you will hate it when you get there.

So, in an effort to be positive and to not let the haters get me down (’cause we all know that haters gonna hate) here is a list of a few things I actually like in Texas.

  1. The Food

    Hubbell & Hudson burger and sweet potato fries

    I think after six years in the Czech Republic I had forgotten what good tastes like. Well, I was reminded pretty quick when I had a hamburger that was cooked properly, ice cream that was think, creamy and delicious, and of course some mexican food that was actually prepared by Mexican people with real mexican ingredients. Sure the hamburgers at Whataburger & Sonic gave me the urge to purge pretty much instantaneously, but it’s my fault for eating fast food in the first place.

  2. Cool shit to do – Did you know that there is a bowling alley here in Austin that hosts Sing-A-Longs every Tuesday? Did you also know that tonight is a Buffy Musical Sing-A-Long?! I know! And that is just the beginning. There is a cool movie theater (somewhat like the now defunct Parkway Speakeasy) that hosts cool movie nights with themes and dressing up, and regular movies but you can get good food and beer while watching. Check it out! 
  3. The People – With the exception of a few dickheads, most of the folks I have met here have been really nice. Even the homeless lady that bummed a smoke off me the other day was super polite and asked how I was handling the heat. Our realtor was a super chill surfer dude who spent time in Guatemala teaching kids to kayak, and I have even had more than one pleasant encounter with checkers at grocery stores – something that rarely happened to me in Praha.
  4. The Museums – My favorite museums  in the world are located in London and NYC. Duh. Of course they are. Prague was lame for museums, and I really didn’t have high hopes as far as Texas was concerned. Boy was I wrong! The Houston Museum District is pretty bad ass. There are a ton of museums and galleries that you can see… and see for FREE on Thursdays! I went to the Fine Art museum & The Menil Collection and I had a great time. I forgot how nice it is to walk around a museum, look at some good art, make fun of the not good art and then head to the taco truck for some food.

So, how was that? Pretty good huh? Yeah, Texas is fucking hot and humid and miserable at times, and the bugs here are assholes but that doesn’t have to be the cumulation of my experience here. And I have winter to look forward to! A snowless winter that doesn’t last 7 months might be just what the doctor ordered.



9 thoughts on “Positively Texas

  1. Glad to see the positive aspects you adore here in Texas! After living here for the past 20 years, I just can’t imagine living anywhere else. BTW, we have been fortunate to get just enough snow to build a snowman over the past 2 winters here in ATX with the beauty of it melting the following day, ha!

      • Hawaii is one of my top vacation destinations, but I just can’t see myself living there, I think my second choice to settle down after ATX would be Pittsburgh. I’ve visited a lot of cities across the US and these two offer the best balance all around for quality of life. Thing is for me I prefer the heat over the cold and the bonus is that ATX is warmer with the best looking people per capita who tend to wear more skimpy clothing most of the year than anyplace else, ha!

      • I guess you haven’t been to Prague, Bill. the Czech women are known for being really pretty and wearing no clothes year round. True story.

    • Nice… “I am Texas”, ha! gonna add this to my Hulu queue fo sho! I never watched the original series but it may be worth it just to find out who shot JR, doh!

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