My Bucket’s Got a Hole

Every one has probably tossed around the idea of having a personal “Bucket List”. For those of you living in bubble, with your head in the sand, or just have no idea what that term means, let me break it down for you. A Bucket List is a list of things that you want to do before you die; before you kick the bucket. Get it? There is even a sappy movie with the same name starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson that your mom probably thought was awesome. I’ll give you a clue – one of them is dying, and one of them narrates it.

Bucket lists are always filled with elusive things or abstract things like “See Paris” or “Kiss passionately in the rain”. Good luck buddy. Any life coach will tell you that the chances of you actually doing any of those things without a concrete plan are slim. I had a bucket list at one point, but there was a hole in it. I kept crossing things off, crossing things out and just changing my mind. Some things that used to seem important to me just don’t anymore like say…sky diving. Yeah,  I have absolutely zero interest in doing that anymore. It feels like one of those things designed solely for the purpose of making you seem cooler than you really are. You can forever say, “I went sky diving. See? I have a picture of me strapped to the front of someone and I am flying through the air. I am cool.” Eh. Not really my style. And not really original if you wanna know the truth. Remember that sappy movie I mentioned in the above paragraph? Guess what they do?

I decided that the only real way for me to have a “Bucket List” is to do it monthly. If I give myself the deadline of my death, and let’s be honest here that is not a very solid deadline, I won’t get around to doing any of it. So, I have started having little mini bucket lists of things I want to accomplish in one month. Hell if I can write a novel in a month, I am kind of a badass and I can do anything. Let’s not confuse this with a “Wish List” of cool things I want to see and do in the world. I want to keep a very REAL list of things I WILL do and see. I already accomplished most of what I wanted for July/August: Moved to America, found a job, (almost) found a place to live, ate good food, didn’t gain weight (and actually lost weight!)  in the fattest country in the developed world. So, I’m doing alright. I’m providing you with a list for the next month or so. Hopefully putting it out there in the blogosphere will keep me honest.

1. Get moved and settled so I can start feeling like I have a home.

2. Finish reading “Under the Dome”. I will MAKE time to finish it.

3. Sign up for the Warrior Dash – it’s in November.

4. Get a library card & a credit union.

5. Continue to mess with Texas (I gotta keep my edge)

6. Finish the two super awesome paint by numbers which I began last week.

7. Continue studying for my personal trainer certification.

I guess that’s it for now. But you get the idea. Why not break that bucket list down into achievable things that you will actually do? Why not take steps to achieving things you want to do rather than just day-dream about them, or say “someday”. Because if you never get to “See Paris”, there is nobody to blame but yourself. Put a hole in your bucket list and see what falls out. Because after you jump out of that airplane you go back to the same life you lived before, it’s just a memory of something you did one time. So instead of making memories, make a lasting changes. Make a list of things that will encourage a badass life style or lasting growth. Or just be another one of a billion people who can say they jumped out of a plane.


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