Top Five Products “For Her”

By now we have all heard that Bic has come out with a ball point pen especially for ladies. The only thing that is different about these pens is the package they are in. Seriously. These are just regular ball point pens in pastel colors. And everyone knows that things that are pastel pink are for her. While I enjoy all of the outrage over this silly marketing ploy I am left to wonder why it took so long in coming. Bic and their silly pens are only the latest company playing into gender stereotypes.

1.  RAZORS – How many of you ladies out there are guilty of buying the pink razor that costs at least twice as much as the blue razor? Why did you buy the more expensive razor? Think about it for a second, I’ll wait. There you go. There is no difference at all in those razors. I know that Venus did a survey for Cosmo and found that women should be using the pink razors because men razors are too sharp. Uh huh. I have a deep fear that I might slice off my leg at the knee, so I better keep using that razor that costs twice as much. Because it is pink.

2.  ToolsWhen you are a woman, it is hard enough to just get that first cup of coffee in the morning, never mind having to fix that wobbly cabinet door. Thank goodness someone finally invented a screw driver that is pink! My delicate lady hands can only hold on to things that are pink or purple. And I need to “look cute” when I do ANYTHING. They are called “Her Tools” and the tagline says this: “We may not have all the right tools for the job, but with Her Tools ($20) we’ll at least look pretty darn cute working! Her Tools 105-piece set comes with pink handled screwdrivers, pink measuring tape, pink pliers, and comes in its own, you guessed it, pink plastic carrying case.”

3. Pubic Hair Dye –  No, you read that right PUBIC HAIR DYE. I was researching for a piece I wrote about women and their desire to decorate their vaginas when I came across Betty Dye. Why let the hair on your head have all the fun? Now your pubes can be blue, auburn or (of course) pink! They also sell stencils of hearts or doves, and BLING for bedazzling that are supposed to “surprise” your man on your wedding night. I’ll bet. Just think of the look on his face when he finally gets you alone and sees your flaming pink pubes in the shape of a dove and outlined in rhinestones.

4. SmartphoneHTC has come up with a phone just for us ladies, the Rhyme. If you look at the description of this phone vs any other phone you’ll notice it talks about things like the fun colors it comes in, the camera, the head phones that it comes with, and the cool docking station you get when you purchase. It talks about how charming and pretty the phone is, but it doesn’t tell me much else about it because it’s For Her. Women are only concerned with how much FUN a product is to use, and how easy it is. We need not concern ourselves with things like price point, data, or if the phone actually works well. Just as long as we look cute taking our pictures while listening to music on our purple phones, we will be happy.

5. Latisse I included this last product as an example of how marketing and business prey on women’s vanity. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again – Women will buy ANYTHING if they think it will make them look prettier, younger, or more appealing; even if it goes against simple logic. Women will buy lotions that claim to dissolve cellulite even though deep down, they know that it is an impossible thing for a lotion to do. This is no different. All women seem to want longer, thicker lashes and will spend a smal fortune to get them. Do you see any products like this for men? No. Men would never waste money on something that is as potentially harmful as this product. I guess that’s why it is For Her. It was invented to help people with a disorder that makes it impossible for them to grow any lashes at all. It wasn’t long before they realized they could make a killing preying on American women’s insecurities. They got a few celebrities to endorse it and… boom. It’s out there. Now mascarra isn’t good enough. Now I have to use this stuff. I wonder if it comes in pink…


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