Prohibition in Prague – Na zdraví!

My Facebook feed is over flowing with news of the prohibition rule sweeping the Czech Republic. I know, it sounds crazy, right? Czech people love alcohol, love drinking alcohol and love-making alcohol – so why would they ban it? It seems some folks were poisoned by methanol after drinking some home-brew somewhere in the CZ and a few of them died. (You can read about it here.) By the way, alcohol here means hard liquor, not BEER.

Needless to say, people in Prague are none too happy about this. Drinking isn’t just a national pastime in the Czech republic, it is a way of life. So taking away shots of vodka or Becherovka not only kills the evening festivities, it kills the soul of Prague. I know many bar owners in Prague, and if this ban lasts very long it will hurt their business. Sure, the country is full of alcoholics, but that is no reason to keep them from drinking.

Prohibition is lame. Making alcohol illegal will do nothing but make criminals and opportunists richer. Remember how it worked here in the states? Lame. I say, leave it up to Darwin. If home-brewed Slivo is killing folks and folks keep drinking it… then they have nobody to blame but themselves. I doubt this will last long, but in the mean time I guess it is fortunate that Czechs love and respect beer more than they do women.

Na zdraví!


5 thoughts on “Prohibition in Prague – Na zdraví!

  1. It is too bad, that you think, the soul of Prague is Alcohol. I guess you never got under the surface of the touristic pub crawl events (which you btw can find in any city) – this is definitely NOT the thing that makes Prague unique.

  2. I don´t think that alcohol is soul of Prague. There is lot things to see or experience. There to many interesting facts from history. Reason that you can see Prague with alcohol soul is lower price for it and many people go to the Czech republic only to party.

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