Top Video Vixens of the 80’s

I came up in the 80’s. I saw The Goonies first run, I remember the crazy madness that was Cabbage Patch Dolls, and I was there for the birth of MTV. I remember when it actually played videos! MTV in the 1980s was uncharted territory. Here was a channel that was taking the late night video craze and doing it 24/7. They had new faces hosting new shows. These folks became household names over night (Downtown Julie Brown still gives me nightmares) and launched what is now a multi million dollar corporation. It was awesome. It was pure entertainment without pretension. The V-Jays didn’t know what they were doing and the artists making the videos didn’t either. It was a perfect storm of an adventurous spirit and just not giving a fuck. Before The Hipsters ruined music with their irony, we had videos that were just plain weird. Or funny. I miss that. But I digress.

The 80’s era MTV Video gave us the Video Vixen. This was what super models did before there were super models. We knew their names and which rocker they were rumored to have been seen with at The Viper Room. It was a simple equation: A hot girl + a fast car + awesome song = a totally awesome 80’s video. Their job was an easy one: Look Hot. Mission accomplished.Yes it is sexist, and no it didn’t ruin my life. Get over it.

  1. Tawny Kitaen – (Whitesnake “Here I Go Again” 1987) It’s hard to have sexier hair than David Coverdale, but Tawny Kitaen managed to do it. Maybe it was the rolling around, in and on top of cars that gave her hair that extra special 80’s bounce. Or maybe it was the fact that she was doing it in lingerie. 
  2. “The ZZ Top Girls” Jeana Tomasino, Kymberly Herrin & Danièle Arnaud – (ZZ Top “Legs” 1984) I think I can trace my love for shopping montages directly back to this video. I had more than a few fantasies of being picked up in the “Eliminator” and going on a grand shopping/make-over excursion with my three new best girl friends. Complete with Bobbie socks and stilettos. zz_top_legs_official_music_video
  3. Lillian Muller – (Van Halen “Hot For Teacher” 1984) – Not only was this lady unbelievably hot in a blue string bikini, she was in her thirties when she did it. That’s kick ass. And, this is one of the all time great videos of ever. David Lee Roth is sexy and fun and funny. And Eddie Van Halen shreds that guitar. I always looked forward to the new Van Halen videos. 
  4. Christie Brinkley – (Billy Joel “Uptown Girl” 1983) Hot and classy. That was Christie Brinkley. In a video that proves white people can’t dance, Christie shows up and makes you feel like anything is possible. A schlub like me can get a swimsuit model! All I have to do is write her a song. And they lived happily ever after. Until they didn’t. 
  5. Pat Benatar – (Pat Benatar “Love is a Battlefield 1984) Yup. I went a different route with this one. I could have gone with the chick on the boat in Rio, but I decided it would be more fun to go with a sexy video babe who also happens to be the singer of the song. Looking sexy with a gaggle of sexy dancers behind her proves Pat Benatar is more than just decoration. 
  6. BONUS! The Palmer Girls – (Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” & “Simply irresistable”) How could I forget these sexy, multi talented set of lady parts? I recently dressed as a “Palmer Girl” for an 80’s party in Prague. It’s a look that launched an era of severe make-up, tight dresses and high heels. 

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