Thanks For Nothing

My first Thanksgiving stateside in seven years left me in shock. Why would you need THREE turkeys for twelve people? For a person such as myself, a person who takes only what they need and not more, a person who is conscious about waste – it was very frustrating. On top of that I watched a mother leave Thanksgiving Dinner so that she could go stand in line for Black Friday. She left her sweet little baby (4 months old), and her toddler so that she could shopping. It seems ironic to me that Thanksgiving is supposed to be “about family” and she left hers to go spend fifty bucks on a plastic kitchen set. I hung out with that baby all night. Mom came back empty-handed and annoyed that no one had saved left overs for her. Priorities.

Black Friday is a blight on the face of America. It is like a big zit right on our collective nose. The rest of the world hears the horror stories and is left scratching their heads, wondering “why?” And I don’t have an answer. It seems that somewhere along the way Thanksgiving has stopped being about family and friends, and getting a few days off work. Thanksgiving is now all about consumption at home and at large. After you stuff yourself full of enough fatty foods for three people, why not head down to the Wal-Mart and wait in line for ten hours only to be pushed through the doors by a horde of bargain hunting assholes? Thanksgiving is supposed to be the one day Americans say Thank You for what they already have. It seems ironic that we chose that particular day to be excessive.

Buying an XBOX on sale isn’t worth fighting traffic, crowds, or leaving your family on Thanksgiving. Hell, if I have to be there, then YOU have to be  there. You get me? The folks who participate in Black Friday aren’t really getting any super awesome deals. It has been proven. On top of that you have blatant consumerism mixed with angry mobs. It’s gross. You don’t need gifts piled high to the ceiling on Christmas. If you show love for your family by buying them plastic toys, electronics, video games, or a Cabbage Patch Doll – you’re doing it wrong. You are teaching your family that money and things are important. You are helping your family buy into the notion that Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about what you get, and how much you got it for.

If that’s Christmas then I say – BAH HUMBUG.


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