Top Christmas Movies

Need some holiday cheer? Check out one of these bad boys. (Reblogged from last year)

American Vagabond

Die-Hard-Ho-Ho-HoI know! I can’t believe I haven’t done this before now either! Well, there is no time like the (Christmas) present. So, I hope you have been good, here is the best of the Holiday films. You won’t see Rudolph on this list because he is so busy being on every one else’s. Enjoy.

  1. Die Hard
    Sure, it isn’t a warm fuzzy holiday movie, but isn’t there enough of those? I say bring on the explosions and the pithy one liners! I want to see evil “Europeans” taking over high-rise in L.A.! And of course there is the added bonus of Bruce Willis. Making fists with his toes.
  2. A Muppet Christmas Carol– Hands down my favorite film Scrooge. Sir Michael Cane kills as the old miser, and never for a second does he let on that he is acting against Muppets. The songs are awesome, The Great Gonzo plays…

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