10 Things Happy People Do Differently

l-A-piglet-full-of-happyIt’s that time of year again. Time for people to take stock of where they are in life, and what they want to change about it. The beginning of a new year means the search for a better, improved self. You’ve probably read lists of ways to be happy before, but this one is a little different. I hope. I have met a lot of happy people in my life and travels, and they all share at least one thing in common…

  1. They Don’t Give a Fuck. Happy people know themselves pretty well. Happy people know that caring about what other people think of your new scarf, or your owl tattoo is a waste of time. Does it change your life at all if someone doesn’t like you? Not really. If someone you care for doesn’t like you, well then you need to look inward and see if you’ve been a jerk, but usually it is just that other person projecting some weird shit onto you. Anyone who has ever seen me dance knows that I don’t give a fuck what people think of me. 
  2. They don’t suffer from FOMO. FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out. You know those people, right? The people who say yes to every invitation because they are terrified of missing out on the fun. Women buy unflattering clothes because they are afraid of missing out on trends. Whatever. Happy people know they are not missing anything. I turn down invitations all the time! I figure if I do something that I am really not interested in, then I will be a grump or unhappy while doing it. And that defeats the purpose of being a badass.
  3. They have peace & quiet time. I firmly believe that I am a happy person due (in part) to the fact that I take at least one hour everyday for myself. Alone. With no phone, internet, computer, camera or anything else digital. I sit down and read. A BOOK. That I hold in my hands and turn actual pages. I belive in the ritual and practise of being still. And I believe in taking time away from technology.
  4. They don’t blame other people. Happy people know that whatever they do, is ultimately their own choice. Happy people take responsibility for their own actions, decisions and choices. They know if life isn’t going quite the way they wanted it, that it isn’t _______’s fault. It’s theirs. Nobody makes decisions for you. And you ALWAYS have a choice. The second you stop blaming everyone for your life is the second you will begin being a happier you.
  5. They have hobbies. I just wrote a post about my lovely collection of hobbies. I love hobbies! Hobbies keep you busy and keep your brain firing on all synapses. When you take time to do something just for yourself, you are reminding yourself that you are important, and that it is no one else’s job to keep you happy. It’s your job. Not your partner or your kids, or even your work. It’s up to you. If you can’t figure out what makes you happy, then how will you teach anyone how to treat you?
  6. They don’t care about money or buying a lot of stuff. You’ve heard it before: Money doesn’t buy happiness. I mean, that’s what I’ve heard. I myself have never actually had a lot of money so I don’t really know. But I can tell you that I have been happy as a poor person. I don’t have a television in every room. Hell I don’t own a single television. But I am happy. I don’t have an iphone, microwave, car, ipad, or a lot of clothes, but I don’t care. Mo’ money = mo’ problems. Reevaluate what NEED means and see what happens.
  7. They are active. Happy people tend to be active, and healthy. Look at the folks on the Biggest Loser. When they start out, they are all fat and full of excuses for why they let themselves become fat. By the end of the show they are running a marathon and full of joy. Coincidence? I think not. When your body is active, your brian gets sent happy endorphins! Yay! So stop making lame excuses (“I’m so tired…”, “I don’t have time…”, “I have kids…”) and either get off your couch and change they way you eat, or shut the fuck up about your huge ass.
  8. They laugh. A lot. I take time every day to watch (or read) something funny. On purpose. Think about it. Laughing makes you smile. Happy people smile. Seems like an easy fix.
  9. They say “Please” and “Thank you”. I know this seems like a little thing, but stay with me. When you actively say please and thank you, you are showing kindness and gratitude. You are also showing the people around you how you want to be treated. I say please and thank you to everyone from my boyfriend, to the servers at a restaurant, to the little kids I work with. It makes people smile to hear “Thank you.” And it makes me smile to say it.
  10. Eat bacon. It is a well known fact that bacon makes people happy. The smell, the crunch, the flavor. Bacon! If we all ate bacon (in moderation, of course) we’d all be happier.

3 thoughts on “10 Things Happy People Do Differently

  1. I found your blog by googling red cowboy boots! I just bought a pair at the Goodwill and I’m so excited to wear them that I am wasting time at work drooling over other peoples’ red cowboy boots. Your blog is great- I had to keep reading! (I hope you did get the boots after you moved to Texas.)

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