Freedom Cage

ImageLand of the free, home of the brave… my ass. Last time I checked you couldn’t do much of anything fun in most of America. I’m not kidding. Here, these are all real laws in the Land of “Freedom”: No fireworks. No drinking alcohol in a public park. In Texas you must “acknowledge a supreme being” before taking public office, and no buying alcohol on Sunday before noon. You need a lifeguard’s permission before you can throw that frisbee in L.A. County, and in New York adultery is illegal. For reals.

It’s pretty upsetting when you think about it. If we are a responsible society, why do we need a morality police? And, who decides on what is moral? Politicians? Ha! Religions? Uh, no thanks, I’ll pass. America was founded on the myth of “Religious Freedom”, but at the same time asks that you swear to “god”, or on a Bible before most legal proceedings or to take an office. Which by the way, means nothing to those who are not Christian.

The latest morality raid happened on Tuesday. It seems a 42 year old woman was enjoying herself at a waterpark in Missuri. She was asked to leave not because she was drinking in public or stealing or even bothering anyone, she was asked to leave because she wouldn’t cover up her bikini. Seriously. Two of the park employees asked her to cover up. When the woman said no (sighting that the request was absurd since no-one else was being asked to cover up) she was asked to leave.

I’m not going to provide a picture or describe the woman. It shouldn’t matter what she looks like, because it shouldn’t have happened. Fat, thin, ugly, pretty, old, young, black, hispanic, white… it doesn’t matter. The size of her bikini doesn’t matter. Her age doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she was discriminated against because someone didn’t like something about her. And they got away with it. She had to leave. How would you feel if that happened to you? You’d be pissed. Just like the woman in the story.

Next time you think to yourself, “There should be a law!” take a second to really think about that. I for one don’t need a law telling me wear a helmet on a bike. If you don’t want to wear a helmet, don’t. That’s cool. Crack your head open. I don’t need laws telling me which sex acts are alright and which I can’t do. If you think anal sex is bad and wrong and of the devil, then you definitely shouldn’t do it. But, don’t worry about me. I can decide that for myself. And, I don’t need a laws that are based on a religion I don’t follow.  I don’t care about god. I don’t go to church, and why should the rest of the country be denied beer because of a few Christians?

In the Czech Republic people of all ages enjoy lovely, public parks. Some of them do it naked. Some of them are old men in gold speedos, I kid you not. You see topless women all over Prague’s beautiful parks. And I got news for you, some of them have … children! And beer! And the kids see the boobs and the beer! Together! But, guess what? Nobody cares. Kids grow up not freaking out over nudity, and they learn to respect alcohol. Czech kids grow up with beer so there isn’t this crazy need to get wasted when they are of age to drink – which is 18 there. As it should be here.

But we don’t trust ourselves in America, so therefore we don’t trust our kids. It’s sad, and more than a little embarrassing. So, yay America. You’ve done it again. You have shamed an innocent person for no good reason. Good on ya. Here are links to the story.


2 thoughts on “Freedom Cage

  1. You raise some really valid points here- 1 in particular being that in general Europeans have far less prudish views about nudity. I think it’s a healthy approach. What is so taboo about a birthday suit? We were all born in it!

  2. Hi Alicia! Good for you for pointing out the crazy rules and restrictions that are routinely followed here in the U.S.–while violence and guns are okay? I know I haven’t been following you for that long but I appreciate the clarity and honesty that you show on your blog and for that reason I’m nominating you for an award for “I am part of a wordpress family”. I learn so much for all my blogging friends and am continually inspired–so please know that if you want to participate it would be an honor for me. Here are details: Thanks again for the work you are doing! ~Kathy

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