Things I’m Loving Right Now: July 2013 Edition

It’s been a while since I put together a nice list, so I decided it was time for another edition of “Things I’m Loving Right Now”. This list is just what it says – things I am super into at the moment. Enjoy!

  1. National Geographic: Ultimate Survival AlaskaUSAHoly smokes, I love this show! The good folks at NG found 8 professional survival types, who happen to live in Alaska, and put them to the test. They endure a ten leg journey through glaciers, mountains, swamps, bear country, rapids… you name it… and they do it old school. That means the have no GPS. They have a pack and what they can carry in that pack. They hunt for food They make their own shelter. They have a map and 72 hours to meet up for the next leg. If they don’t get where they need to go, they get left behind. This isn’t like some of the other survival shows I’ve seen. It isn’t a contest, and it isn’t for amateurs. This show is about real people who like to climb mountains and live in the wilderness. It’s pretty badass. Willie Prittie is my hero. Check out the show here.
  2. Stephen KingStephen-King-by-Tyler-Jacobson_510x364I’ve been a fan of Mr. King for a long time, but it feel like this is the Summer of King. To start things off we have the much-anticipated (and to some much disappointing) dramatization of “Under the Dome”. I’ve been watching the mini series and I’m happy with it. No, it isn’t like the book. But since a book and a series are two different mediums I think the changes made were appropriate. Next, SK released a new novel IN PAPERBACK! It sold for $6.99 on Amazon, and it wasn’t released as an e-reader! SK said he thought summer reading should be done with an actual book. I couldn’t agree more. And for $6.99 who can complain? And, his new book “Doctor Sleep” (a sequel to “The Shinning”) is due out next month. Woo!
  3. Crossword PuzzlesCrossword PuzzleI always forget how much I enjoy doing a crossword puzzle. I bought a nice, travel sized book of them to take with me on my flight from L.A. back to Austin, and managed to get five of them done before I set foot on the plane. I guess I get a little obsessive. It’s nice to sit back and engage in something for my brain, and it’s nice to hold an actual pen and write the words. (I do them in pen because pencils break and erasing is for losers.)
  4. Yoga578011_10151290363156621_1747408515_nI know, nothing new here. Yoga has been around for ages – literally folks have been doing yoga since before christ – and it comes in all shapes and sizes. I believe that yoga can help you obtain whatever goals you have – be it physically or mentally. Traditionally yoga is practiced not to “lose weight” or get in shape, but to attain peace in body and mind. It works. I don’t practice anywhere near the amount I need to, but when I do I feel great. I don’t go to a studio. I do it in my living-room and use YouTube as my instructor. It’s a free and easy way for me to feel good about myself, and feel peaceful. It’s also great training for when I get to Ratna Ling – there will be (optional) 6am yoga classes daily, and I want to take full advantage of my time there. Just look at the picture above and see what I mean. How could you not want to do yoga in that setting?
  5. Short HairBeFunky_null_9It’s hot in Austin. Like, 86% humidity and 101 degrees hot. I don’t like it so I cut off all of my hair. All of it. I went full on “Rosemary’s Baby” Pixie and I couldn’t be happier. I was going on holiday and I didn’t want to bring a hair dryer, a flat-iron and hair thingies, so I chopped it. I figured if I am trying to be minimalist, I should REALLY go for it! Not only am I now super cute and worry free, I am now one of a handful of women in this city sporting a chic do. Most of Austin’s women folk sport straight, long hair which is usually tied up in a pony tale. (Yawn) I like feeling sporty, chic and smart all at the same time because of a simple hair cut.

4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Right Now: July 2013 Edition

  1. Glad that you love your haircut, but again that negative aspect. Did you have to put down the way the girls you see in Austin wear their hair. Just like your hair cut and leave other peoples choices alone πŸ™‚ PS they may not like your hair cut but its your business, not theirs and vice versa!

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