30 Day Drawing Challenge

30DayIt’s really hot here in Austin. I mean really hot. This week the high was 106 F – no joke. It’s also so humid that I begin to sweat when I walk out the door at 8:00 a.m. Needless to say I have been spending as much time as possible indoors. In an effort to both avoid boredom and become a better artist, I decided to take on yet another challenge.

I’m a big fan of challenges. Challenges light a fire under my ass and give me motivation to keep going. Challenges have helped me write a novel in 30 days (NaNoWriMo), get in shape (Presidential Fitness Challenge), and now become a better artist (30 Day drawing challenge). I’m excited. I’m hoping this exercise will allow me to overcome the need for my art to look “perfect”. Perfection is an illusion, and I know that. But knowing that doesn’t make me any less critical of my own work. So I have decided to draw and post each picture I make (good, bad, or ugly) on FB and this blog to keep me honest. My main goal is to not over think each drawing, but rather to just get it done. For me, thinking sometimes gets in the way.

Here’s how it works: I draw a picture to go with a theme – one a day for 30 days. I have been using the ideas from the photo posted above, and Reddit (sketchdaily) for themes. I’m using two sources for themes to give myself a little wiggle room. (Some themes look kind of lame, or uninspiring) I’m using pencil and colored pencil for my drawings. My hope is this will become easier as the days pass, and that I will develop a habit of drawing. Maybe I’ll even get better!

I’m posting my first week of drawings below. I’ll post them weekly. I hope some of you are inspired to try it yourself. If drawing isn’t your thing, look online for another type of challenge. Personal challenges are a great way to get yourself motivated, and a great way to use your time in a productive and positive way.




Day 3: A favorite place

Day 3: A favorite place


Day 4: Glass

Day 5: A favorite Lit character

Day 5: A favorite Lit character

Day 6: Aardvark

Day 6: Aardvark



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