30 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 3


Day 13: A comic

Day 13: A comic


Day 14: Favorite Fairytale


Day 18: Just a doodle

SN857301 I am really starting to enjoy this challenge. I feel like I am being less critical of myself, and I am beginning to just let loose and draw! I am less concerned with the final product and I’m just having a good time with the creative process.

That isn’t to say that this week didn’t present it’s own challenges. The topic for day 16 was “Inspiration”. Ugh. How do I draw that? I looked at what some other people had done, and it was very literal. People drew pictures of artists, authors or even movies that inspire them. I sat and thought and I really couldn’t come up with a literal interoperation of what inspires me. So i just decided to draw things. I like painting robots communing with nature. I like the juxtaposition of nature and science. I like beautiful women.I like drawing dinosaurs and aliens. I like cute animals. I like to draw fashionable ladies. I like drawing strange creatures from other worlds. I decided to draw these things and write what inspired them. I like how it turned out.

“A comic” was another topic that stumped me.  I was brooding over it. I had no idea how to draw a comic. Then I asked my fella how much he loved me and he replied, “Enough to fill 5,00 spaceships…manned with cats.” that made me giggle. I pictured the sky filled with UFOs and kitties. Then I drew it. I was happy with the results.

My “Family Portrait” is pretty straightforward even if I appear much taller and thinner in my drawing. It is me, my guy, and Le Mutt.

Next week marks the end of my journey. I am having so much fun that I might do another challenge next month.



Day 16: Inspiration (I wrote 15 by mistake)


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