5 TIRED Halloween Costumes, and What to Wear Instead

Do you really want to be part of this group?

Do you really want to be part of this group?

We’ve all been there. You walk into a Halloween party and see an ocean of Jokers, a sea of “sexy devils”, and a smattering of pirates. Yawn. If you are going to take the time to get dressed up for Halloween, then do the rest of us a favor and at least try to be original. Here are the top five costumes I DON’T want to see this year and what to try instead.

  1. Khaleesi (from Game of Thrones) – Actually, anything from GoT. It is SO played out. Let’s leave that to the CosPlayers, shall we? My rule of thumb is: If you can buy it as a prepackaged costume, then don’t do it. You can be anything you want and you want to be the same thing as 100 other women? Boring. Every woman who thinks she has a great bod will try to rock this costume. INSTEAD: Go as Anne Boleyn… Holding her own Head! You still get to dress all medieval, but you’ll be original, scary, and worth the time.
  2. “Twerk” Miley Cyrus


    Twerk Miley is going to be this year’s Gangnam Style. Don’t do it. INSTEAD: Go as Zombie Hannah Montana. Miley is trying to kill “Hannah Montana” so why not help out?

  3. Downton Abbey – I love the show as much as the next guy, but loving the show doesn’t make it a good costume choice. Every time I’ve seen a “Downton Abbey” costume I’ve had to ask “Who are you?” For me, that is the sign of a Costume Fail. If your costume isn’t instantly recognizable – it doesn’t work. INSTEAD: Go as Mary Poppins. You still get to be British, you still get to be a maid, but with this outfit people will instantly recognize you. And you can pretend to fly.
  4. “Sexy” Anything

    Please. Don’t. Some things are not supposed to be sexy. Things like Elmo, food, Nemo, Alien, Ewoks, Smurfs, Big Bird… you get the point. INSTEAD: Be scary. Try being a slaughtered Smurf, or Psycho Big Bird. Be Alien or Nemo without being “sexy”. If you got your “costume” at Victoria’s Secret or a place called trashy.com, you FAILED.

  5. Breaking Bad – Again, you’ll be one of ten dozen Walter Whites at the party. How cool. INSTEAD: Grab a buddy and go as “Faces of Meth“. One before, and one after. You could even make a cardboard frame for your faces. It’d be super cool, and way more creative and fun than a Hazmat costume.

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