Travel: Wish List

machu-picchu-peru“Where’s the best place you’ve been?”

I get asked this question all of the time and I never answer it. It’s a pretty broad question. I’ve been to lots of cool places, but I can’t label one as “the best” place I’ve ever been. That’s like choosing the best steak you’ve ever had, or the best beer. It’s all subjective. My enjoyment of a place depends on a lot of factors like the weather, my mood, my company, and maybe even the length of stay. I can’t choose a favorite.

The next question is inevitably, “Where do you want to go that you’ve never been before?”

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru – Yes please.
  2. Alaska – I don’t just want to see the Northern Lights, I want to disappear into the wilderness. Alaska!
  3. Italy – I don’t want to pick one place, I just want to spend a few months there traveling and eating.
  4. Washington D.C – I feel like I need to see DC. I’ve spent more of my time traveling abroad than in my home country.
  5. Norway – I basically want to live anywhere Julia Child has lived.
  6. Cambodia & Vietnam – I like monkeys and I like street food.
  7. Canada & Canada’s National Parks – I want to take a train through Canada and end at Niagara Falls.
  8. Charelston, SC – I’ve often thought about moving to South Carolina, but the heat…
  9. Seattle & Portland – Beautiful scenery, great food, coffee, microbrews
  10. Bermuda – Just give me a hammock…

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