Get Out!

vintage_opels_summer49It’s summer! Time for cold beverages, hot dogs, and sunshine. Time to get your friends in the car and head out to nature. Here in Seattle we are in the midst of a nice dose of summer sun. The city is outside en masse and slowly simmeringAll the pale bodies walking around make me a little homesick for Prague, but that ends right about the time I look out and see Puget Sound. It’s beautiful here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And it isn’t even a little bit landlocked.

In honor of Summer and beautiful Seattle, here is a list of things to do outside.

1. Go for a walk in a new park or neighborhood. Change things up a bit!

2. Make “nature mobiles” with things that you find and hang them from the trees. It gives people something to Instagram.

3. Bury a time capsule with a note or story to go with it. I like to bury a single key in a plastic bottle and leave a random set of numbers.

4. Start a garden. If you are like me and live in a tiny flat, try looking for a neighborhood garden. I’ve seen a dozen in Seattle.

5. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds roll by.  

tumblr_m1po18ok6o1rqd5coo1_5006. Build a tree house or fort. When you are finished you can invite people to your fort. You can even have beer there. It’ll be awesome.

7. Go to the park and play bocce, wiffleball, frisbee, or if you must, hacky sack. Every park needs a group of people playing an odd sport.

8. Build a swing. I only suggest this if you own a home. Don’t go hanging swings off neighbors trees without asking first. Some people are touchy.

9. Take your pet for an adventure. Yeah, anybody can take the dog for a walk, but only you can take him on an adventure! Find a cool new park for you and Ol’ Yeller to explore. Maybe you are on the trail of a spy, or better yet running from one.

10. Meditate. Find your inner you. If the inner you can’t sit still and wants to do something involving a screen, resist. Take a deep breath and be the nature.

11. Take a nap. I suggest a hammock. Hammock naps are the best.

bp2412. Find an outdoor cinema. Many cities have a movie in the park after dark thing. Even better? Have one in your own back yard! Make popcorn, light some lanterns, and put up a sheet.  It’s cheap and you’ll be the badass in the neighborhood.

13. Build a weird bird house and hang it in a distant neighborhood.

14. Make a pin wheel.  

15. Lay out a blanket and read in the sun. Or take a towel to the pool and read there. Reading outdoors is the best.

16. Make sidewalk art. Get a set of outdoor chalk and start your career as the next Banksy.

17. Set up a treasure hunt. Leave clues around the neighborhood. Keep checking back to see if anyone was savvy enough to follow your breadcrumbs. Slowly realize everyone walks while texting and nobody will ever notice.

18. Take bubbles to the park. Sit near kids. Kids love bubbles.battle1_Renewal_06

19. Fly a Kite.

20. Watch LARPers. LARP is Live Action Role-Playing. It’s the folks who dress up in armor and swing swords at each other in the park. I caught sight of a gaggle of them at Gasworks Park a few weeks ago. It was epic.

21. Roast marshmallows! Make S’mores. Try putting Nutella or peanut butter in those sweet, sweet treats if you want to kick it up a notch.

22. Find a water park and go on a waterside. Make a slip and Slide. Actually, don’t. Those things are super dangerous.

23. Go camping!

24. Take a hike. A real hike, not a hike to  Happy Hour.

25. Make a Treasure Trade. Just make a sign that says “Treasure Trade” and put a basket under the sign. Put a few odds and ends in the basket and watch what happens. I traded a Happy Meal Furby for a plastic Weinermobile whistle. #Winning


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