Writing: Short Story a Day

prod240087_H12I’m on holiday, and I’m too poor and lazy to travel at the moment, so I’m having a “Staycation”. (What a stupid word) I promised myself I would be productive and not simply watch The Great British Bake off for five days in a row. I guess I can still do that, but in between episodes I have to write! It dawned on me that I can write an entire novel (50,000+ words!) in one month when I put my mind to it, but the rest of the year I am an excuse factory. Something which I cannot abide. If you can make an excuse, you can fix it.

The solution is: For the next four or five days, I’m using the game STORYMATIC. It was a Christmas gift from my fella, and it’s pretty cool. (And it is also available for Tiny People, we sell them at my work) It’s a card system for building stories either audibly, or in writing. It’s for groups or for a single, solitary person to use as writing prompts over their “Staycation” in Seattle when it is pouring rain. Every. Single. Day.

It’s an easy game. You choose two GOLD cards first. These are your character cards. Next pick two BRONZE cards. These are your story cards, or elements you need to work into your story. I like having challenges, so I’ll post the stories here, along with the pictures of the prompts.

Please keep in mind that I’m writing these as stream of consciousness, so you are getting the first and only draft. 


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